How many individual vehicles have you driven in your lifetime?

How many different individual vehicles have you driven so far in your life? I was thinking about this the other day, and decided to put a list together for myself. It was actually sort of fun, so I thought I might share it. This is as best as I can remember…

[ul][li]Toyota Corolla (1982-ish). My mother’s car, stick shift. Learned to drive in this and…[/li][li]Toyota Celica (1981-ish). My stepmother’s car, also a stick. My other “learning” car.[/li][li]Toyota Van (1985-ish). Used for my very first driver’s test, when I first got my license. It was Toyota’s first van, the weird boxy one, not the newer, more streamlined versions.[/ul]MY OWN CARS[/li][ul][li]1978 Chevette. My first car, essentially an old fleet vehicle my dad picked up at a discount; automatic transmission. Despite learning to drive on a stick, after many years of driving this, I got out of the stick-shift habit, which I sort of miss. The Chevette was really basic mechanically, like a glorified golf cart, so it was easy to get it running when it broke down, which was a lot. After it was badly vandalized and sent to the wrecking yard, I was carless for a while, until…[/li][li]1986 Taurus. Bought it for a song. Then the transmission melted, which explained the bargain price.[/li][li]1990 Bronco II. My present vehicle.[/ul]FAMILY CARS I’VE DRIVEN[/li][ul][li]El Camino (mid 70’s). My dad’s car for many years; I got to drive it once, shortly before the column shifter fell off while we were on the freeway. :eek:[/li][li]Toyota Celica (late 80’s). My brother’s third vehicle; he killed it through lack of maintenance.[/li][li]Honda Civic (very early 80’s). My brother’s second vehicle; he killed it through lack of maintenance.[/li][li]Datsun 280 (late 70’s). My brother’s first vehicle; he wrecked it while racing a friend, got it running again, and then killed it through lack of maintenance.[/li][li]Toyota Tercel (1985-ish). 4WD stick-shift, borrowed from my grandfather for a skiing trip. Discovered I still knew how to drive a stick after many years.[/li][li]Toyota Camry (late 80’s). My mom’s car after she got rid of the Corolla.[/li][li]Saturn sedan (not sure of model; early 90’s). My mom’s car after the Camry.[/li][li]Toyota 4Runner (mid 90’s). My mom’s car after the Saturn.[/li][li]Toyota Corolla (late 90’s). My mom’s current car.[/li][li]Toyota Camry (mid 80’s). Belonged to my grandmother. While still on learner’s permit, a week from taking my driver’s test, I totalled it with my grandmother and both stepsisters as passengers (broadsided by a Blazer). My fault; delayed getting my license by six months.[/li][li]Volvo 240 (early 80’s) number one. The vehicle my grandmother bought to replace the Camry I wrecked.[/li][li]Volvo 240 (early 80’s) number two. My wife’s current car.[/li][li]Volvo 240 (early 80’s) number three. My mother-in-law’s car, identical in virtually every way to my wife’s car.[/li][li]Volvo sedan (mid 90’s; not sure of model). My grandmother’s current car.[/li][li]Three different Ford pickups; don’t know models, years range from mid 70’s to early 90’s. My grandfather’s truck, and two belonging my stepfather, borrowed for errands.[/li][li]A selection of family cars I have not driven: My grandfather’s BMW, his huge Dodge Ram pickup, my father’s Porsche 912, none of my uncle’s BMWs or Mercedes (he owns a body shop), my stepfather’s current Ford pickup.[/ul]LOANERS (when regular car being repaired)[/li][ul][li]'99 Jeep Cherokee. Moderately fun, though much stiffer than the Bronco.[/li][li]'00 Toyota Corolla. We have this right now; the Bronco is in the shop.[/li][li]There are more; I don’t remember them. They’re mostly just generic Civics and the like, not really memorable.[/ul]RENTALS ON TRIPS/VACATIONS[/li][ul][li]Alero. Rented in Napa Valley in '99. Really, really fun to drive.[/li][li]Pontiac Sunfire. Rented in Richmond VA on visit to wife’s family. Boring.[/li][li]Saturn sedan. Ditto above.[/li][li]Ford Taurus (late 90’s). Rented on business trip to Burlington VT. This is the first car my wife ever took to 100 mph.[/li][li]Dodge Neon (late 90’s). Rented on personal trip to Los Angeles. I hated, hated, hated this car.[/ul]FRIENDS’ CARS AND MISCELLANEOUS[/li][ul][li]1980-ish Datsun (a ZX, I think). Drove a drunk friend home in her own car (high school).[/li][li]1984 Ford Tempo. Best friend’s car in high school. Total, unforgivable piece of shit.[/li][li]1981 Toyota Celica. Test drove when car shopping in '96 (ended up getting Taurus, noted above).[/li][li]1989 Honda Civic. Ditto. Was a stick-shift; this is when I discovered I could still do it, but I was really rusty.[/li][li]Three Ryder rentals over the years. Midsize Ford pickup, small moving truck, huge moving truck.[/li][li]Honda scooter. Went beach buzzing at Ocean Shores.[/li][li]Various go-carts and the like on carnival tracks.[/li][li]Riding mower. ;)[/ul]MOTORIZED WATER VEHICLES[/li][ul][li]My dad’s 40-foot sailboat.[/li][li]My grandfather’s small fishing boat with outboard.[/li][li]My grandfather’s C-Dory.[/li][li]I got to drive the Duck Boat for about fifteen minutes on a tour of Boston, in the Charles River.[/ul]COOLEST VEHICLE I’VE DRIVEN[/li][ul][li]Model T Ford, circa 1920. My uncle found the shell and repaired it using parts scavenged from junkyards. Sits in my grandfather’s garage; brought out on special occasions. Without question, this is the coolest thing I’ve ever gotten to drive.[/ul]VEHICLES I HAVE NOT DRIVEN[/li][ul][li]No flying machines of any kind.[/li][li]No motorcycles (unless you count the beach scooter above).[/li][li]No heavy equipment: forklifts, bulldozers, nothing like that.[/li][li]No boats over 40 feet.[/li]No submersibles.[/ul]This is a pretty good list, I think. I’ve been driving for about 16 years, and I can remember 38 cars in that time, plus a handful of other types of vehicles (though I’m sure I’ve forgotten some). Aside from the entertainment value of just putting the list together, I’m curious as to how it compares to everyone else’s, i.e. whether I’m average, below, or above. I’m also curious to see the variety of vehicles driven by everybody, especially the cool ones. Anybody here who can say they’ve operated a 747, a nuclear submarine, a hovercraft, a Harrier, etc.?

Oh, geez. Let’s see.
My cars:
1982 Honda Civic
1989 Ford Taurus
1973 Cadillac Deville
1990 Cadillac Deville
1995 Cadillac Deville

My gf (past and present) cars:
1988 Ford Taurus
1995 Plymouth Neon
2000 Subaru Forester
1992 Geo Metro

Family cars:
1978 Volvo 240
1983 BMW 528e
1995 Ford Mustang
1995 Acura Integra
1990 Chevy Suburban
1987 Jeep Wagoneer
1980s-era Subaru hatchback

Friend’s cars:
1991 Acura Integra
1995 Jeep Wrangler
1990 Jeep Cherokee
1987 Toyota Camry
1985 Toyota Corrolla
and some other ones

Plus, one of my friends is an auto writer, so he gets a new car every week. I’ve driven lots of them. The coolest:
Mercedes AMG SUV
Mercedes 600 SEL
Dodge Viper Coupe
but there were an assload more.

Keep in mind I’ve only been driving for 3 years…

1984 Jeep Grand Wagoneer
1971 Chevy Nova

1993 Ford Aerostar
1996 Ford Windstar
1982 Ford Conversion van

Friends, Romans, Countrymen’s:
1997-ish Chevy Cavalier convertible (driver’s ed)
1989 Ford Bronco
1981 Ford F-150 pickup
1994 Ford E-150 van (dad’s work truck)
1989 Ford F-250 pickup (dad’s next work truck)
1995 Ford Taurus
1984 Ford LTD
1999 Dodge Stratus (rental while mom’s van was in the shop)
1998 Dodge 1/2 ton pickup
1989 Dodge 1/2 ton pickup

Big-ass forklift :smiley:
Fairly old large Ford tractor, with front loader (almost as fun as the forklift)
Various bass boats

Owned vehicles

1980 Chevrolet Impala. This was the family car when I learned to drive.
1976 Ford Mustang II. This was the car we got after I wrecked the above. It died.
1983 Chevy Citation. Bought this from my grandparents when I was in college. It died.
1979 Chevy Impala. Bought off a friend as a beater to get to work and back. It died.
1976 Ford Fairmont, my wife’s car when we met. It died.
1984 Chevy Cavalier. Bought by wife to replace the above. Totalled in an accident.
1987 Chevrolet Corsica. It died.
1985 Hyundai Something. Bought from sister in 1999. This was the first standard shift I ever drove. As you can guess, it died.
1995 Ford Contour. Our current vehicle.

God only knows how many different models I’ve rented. We used to rent quite a bit, usually getting Ford Contours or Pontiac Grand Ams. I’ve also driven Ford and Dodge minivans as rentals. This past weekend, when I was visiting Cleveland, I had a Dodge Intrepid.

I have flown, once airborne, a small 4-seat plane belonging to a guy my mother dated when I was in high school. I couldn’t tell you the manufacturer or model.

None. I don’t drive. Yes, I know you have to, but I don’t.
And I even took lessens, two of which were near-collisions.

My cars:
1971 Pontiac LeMans
1988 Pontiac Grand Am
1997 Ford Escort

My parents’ cars:
1981 Ford Granada
1988 Pontiac Grand Am (just like mine, but a different color)
1989 Chevy Celebrity

My sister’s car
1985 Chrysler LeBaron (the only one she’s let me drive)

Rentals I’ve had:
1995 Chevy Baretta (when my LeMans was wrecked, not my fault: I was broadsided by a Mercury Sable)
2000 Ford Focus (when the clutch blew on my Escort; Thank God for my extended warranty)

Also, I work in the service department of a Ford Dealer, so I’ve driven upwards of 1,000 other different cars and trucks, including everything in the Ford car and truck lines from 1995 to the present, from Festivas and Aspires all the way up to F650 diesel trucks, and everything in between. Coincidentally, I also got to drive the Merc that wrecked my Le Mans; the kid’s father was a customer.

Porsche/Audi/Mercedes-Benz/Land Rover dealership squid reporting.

My Toyota Van Wagon had most of them beat, for one important reason: It is impolite to soak the interior of someone else’s vehicle with your own semen and several flavors of vaginal fluid. Keep that in mind when you’re checking out someone else’s car.

My sister kiffa’s cars:
'64 Ford red thing (help, kiffa?)
'71 Datsun 1200 (later bought from her with a can of beer)
'72 Cougar (great car)

'71 Ford green version of kiffa’s red thing.
'90-something Ford Taurus

some kind of Peugot, I think.
some kind of Impala.

My very own:
'84 Nissan Maxima
'95 Nissan Maxima (current)

'00 Toyota Tacoma
some kind of big American car (modified for hand controls)

University Vehicles:
Explorers, Suburbans, Jeep Trucks, Rangers, Windstars, Aerostars, POS stationwagons and other deathmobiles.

Mostly Malibu/Camry types but just came back from Dallas after renting a Hyundai and craming 5 people into in. We called it the clown car - we just kept spilling out of it (once we stopped).

Other vehicles:
Cessna 150 (the VW bug of the skies)

My car’s

1989 Mustang
1990 Cavalier

Parent’s Cars

1985 Mercury Grand Marquis
1985 Ford F-250
1991 Chevy S-10
1991 Pontiac Grand Am

Girlfriends Car

1994 Chevy Cavalier

Friends Cars

1998 Chevy S-10
1993 Subaru Legacy
1991 Acura Integra
1978 Pontiac Fire Bird
2000 Chevy Malibu
1996 Dodge Stratus
1989 Pontiac Grand Am


1997 Dodge Neon
1993 Chevy S-10

That is aobut all I can think of

Oh geez, I’ve been thinking about this recently, too. In more-or-less order:

late 60s-early 70s Rambler American sedan - belonged to a friend of the family we used to vacation with
early 70s VW camper van - as above
69 Plymouth Fury III 4-door - my mother’s car
69 Dodge window van - shoebox style - my father’s work van
59 VW bug - my first car, but I never got to drive it on my own legally, my parents decided it was a death trap and sold to a friend before I turned 16 (if it was so dangerous, why sell it at all?)
59 (another car from when I was one year old) Rambler station wagon - pushbutton automatic - great sex machine - the back seat folded forward and the front seats reclined to meet the folded back seat - it was nearly flat from dash to tailgate
65 Ford Country Squire wagon - very full size - another make-out-mobile - never the same after being nailed by a drunk
65 Mustang - 3-speed six - no rocket, but fun just the same.
ancient Chev pickup - postwar but only just - never left the city cemetery (mowed grass and drug irrigation pipe for a summer)
70-ish Dodge window van - another one of Dad’s work vans
72 GMC Sprint - think El Camino - looked nice on the lot, ran okay, took it to the car wash the first week I had it and blew a hole in the fender with the high-pressure spray
72 Suzuki GT550 - two-stroke triple and a piece of unadulterated shit
78 Suzuki GS1000 - nice bike - wish I still had it
80 Suzuki GS750 - a buddy’s bike - also very nice
79 Chev Suburban - prop of USAF
mid 70s Honda XL350 - this one put me in a military hospital for a month
71 Olds Vista Cruiser - a ‘spare’ family car I used after the service
75 Ford Granada - boring, boring, boring - Mom’s car
late 70s Ford Tempo - another Mom’s car
69 Dodge Dart - slant 6 automatic - belonged to a friend, most of the miles we put on it were on the same 20 blocks of hometown
76 Dodge Aspen R/T - the above friend’s first new-car-with-his-own-money - still has it, custom paint, interior, built 318 six-pack the last I knew
79 Dodge Utiline pickup (think Chev step-side) shaved, lowered, wires with (fake) knock-offs, custom color - nice looking but no guts - shoulda kept it and played with it a bit more
a couple mid to late 80s Suburbans - work trucks when I worked for the Bureau of Reclamation as a surveyor
83 Suzuki LS650 - nice little one-lung cruiser bike, all black and chrome, flat bar (none of those damn pullback bars for me) - took it to Sturgis with two buddies - one on a H-D big twin, don’t remember the model, and the other on a KZ1100 full-dress tourer. Also rode their bikes - we traded around while cruising the Black Hills
84 Chrysler Laser - fun at first, and a okay car, but gradually turned to crap no matter how much money I threw at it
86 VW Jetta - fun little car - kept it until it developed VW Valve Train Syndrome
80 Mazda GLC - wife’s car that she still had from college days - rotted before our eyes
96 Mercury Tracer Wagon - our first new new car - 50000 miles with no trouble, but fairly gutless
82 Isuzu pickup - bought it from my dad for nearly nothing, gave it back last year and he gave it to my neice
mid-90s Chev Impala - the last of the full-size Impalas - it was white - yes, we nicknamed it the Great White Whale - wife’s parents’ car
[sub]I have no idea if the apostrophes are correct in the last sentence, but I don’t care.[/sub]
97 Chevrolet Venture van - lots of toys on it - got it from my father-in-law’s estate - generally pretty good vehicle, has some power, good sound system, has been reliable, but the damn remote control electrically operated sliding door just screws up once in a while
2000 Ford Mustang convertible - my toy - 5-speed, 3.8 V6, silver/black. This is the one I want to take on vacation this year - Pennsylvania, Amish country, probably 2000 miles round-trip. My wife wants to take the van. ::sigh:: ::Sigh:: ::SIGH::

Well, there they are. Probably more quickies I’ve forgotten about, but these seem to stick for some reason.
p.s. - Just caught a commercial for the new Lexus SL430(?) - hardtop convertible in the manner of the 59 Ford Retractable - That one just moved to the top of my [sub]car[/sub] lust list.

I’ve owned over 50. Bought a lot when I worked for a car company and they would let you get one a near cost every year. Then you’d trade it in and always have a new one.

My cars:
*1996 Chevy Cavalier-totalled by my sister
*1997 Saturn SC2 coupe-current car

My mom’s:
*1991 Toyota Corolla-stick. drove it while on my permit, never liked the idea of a stick, so i eventually bought my own car (the cavalier)

*1996 Escort- my best friend’s, she lets me use it when i got to florida and don’t have a car
*1994 Paseo-my ex boyfriend’s. he let me drive it once, only because he was about to die, and could barely stand. i refused to let him drive home. after he regained his sanity, he came to the conclusion that i could never again drive his car (i still don’t know what made him decide this)
*Older model truck-I think it was a toyota. it was a piece of shit that my friend adam drove around for awhile.
*1997 Chevy Cavalier-looked exactly like my old car. My friend Jen needed to pick up her boyfriend’s car, so she drove his home, and I drove hers. I really missed my old car after that…

*1996 Escort-drove for a month while my cavalier was destroyed, and I was in the process of finding a new car
late 80’s model Ford Taurus-driver’s ed car
*1999 Jeep Cherokee-my mom’s rental, I drove it all the way to the gas station for her because she had to fill up the tank before she returned it and didn’t have the time.
*1998 Ford Windstar-the company car for work. Used for the transport of employees from one store to another. I didn’t have enough room in my saturn, so I had to take the van. Never again will I drive that thing. It’s too damn big.

Learning cars
1963 Plymouth Valiant-automatic, but with a push-button transmission
1977(?) Hornet station wagon
1984(?) Chevette AKA the Shitvette
Some year, Caprice Classic-Grandma’s car-used it while she was on vacation

My cars
1994 Suzuki Swift GT, black…fantastic car. My older brother owns it now. No A/C, so it’s AKA The Easy Bake Oven
1993 Suzuki Swift, red. Good car, does what I need it to do.

Other people’s cars
1999 and 2000 Honda Accords, white and gold, respectively. Company cars, first one had 60,000 miles in a year, had to give the second one back when I changed jobs.
19?? Mercedes-decent, first stick shift I ever drove, and only because I was the designated driver, but didn’t own a car.
19?? Chevy Sprint. Good car, belonged to my brother. Eventually died.

Rentals, etc
Too many to name: memorable ones were the Dodge Neon and Ford Taurus. I hated both of them because they drove horribly.

There are so many more, I know…but I don’t remember what kind of car they were. Obviously didn’t make an impression.

Oh, brachy forgot my yellow '54 Buick Special - you know, the one with the holes on the side?

I really don’t want to list all the individual cars that I have driven - it would take to long to remember them all. But here goes the short list:

54 Buick
72 Cougar - loved that car
early 70s GTO
Land Rovers
Nissan [when it was known at Datsun]
Toyota: Camrys, 4runner, dual cabin trucks
Jeep Grand Cherokee
a bunch of rental cars: mostly Taurus, Grand M something because we had too much luggage to fit in a Taurus, vans
because we had too much luggage to fit in a bigger car so we took a van instead.

I’m not much into cars, but there is one car that I will always regret was up on blocks. It was a DeLorean sitting in a garage in Conakry Guinea. Slightly dusty but a good looking car… oh well.

Zero. I have never driven any car in my life.

That was gone before I got my license - I’m not that old.

::tires screeching, brachy gets the hell out of Dodge::

OK, I’ll bite.


Started driving in 1971; bought first car in '72; during the period 1989-1999 did not own a car

'65 Buick Wildcat 4dr
'67 Plymouth Satellite 2dr
'72 Ford Pinto SW
'54 Buick Super 2dr
'68 Lincoln Continental 4dr
'75 VW Rabbit 2dr
'78 Chevy Malibu SW (what the heck was I thinking?)
'81 Audi 4000 5+5
'78 Dodge Omni
'90 Ford Ranger P/U
'2001 Subaru Impreza SW

Other folks’ cars/trucks, USA:

(mostly owned by parents or relatives):

'64 Buick Riviera
'66 Ford Country Squire SW
'67 Renault Dauphine
'67 VW Beetle
'67 Pontiac Bonneville 2dr
'67 Mercury Cougar
'70 Mercury Monterey 2dr
'71 Mercury Marquis SW
'71 Ford Mustang 429
'71(?) Fiat 850 spyder
'72 Chevy Vega
'74(?) Chevette
'76 VW Scirocco
'77 Mercury Zephyr
'77 Buick Regal 2dr
'78(?) Fiat 131 (engine dropped a valve on my one and only drive)
'78 Chevy Citation 2dr
'81 Chrysler LeBaron 2dr
'83(?) BMW 323I
'84(?) Mazda RX-7
'88 Honda Accord
'96 Honda Accord

Many rented Cavaliers, Neons and other uninteresting drones
Many Toyota, Chevy and Ford half-ton pickups (company vehicles)
1-ton Ford duallie P/U
IH 2-ton straight truck
Clark forklift

While living in Europe (rented or company vehicles):

BL Mini
BL Metro
Citroen C15 (van)
Citroen ZX
Ford Fiesta
Ford Escort
Lancia Beta(?)sedan
Nissan Micra
Opel Corsa
Peugeot 206
Peugeot 309
Renault Espace
Renault Twingo
VW Polo


EMD SW1200

You know, my first thought when I saw this thread was that there were too many to count. But then I realized I could remember a lot of them. In no particular order (well, maybe chronological), and not counting some rentals and assorted loans from friends, here is a list of the ones that stand out somehow (the dates are for the car model):

68 Austin Mini Cooper. The first car I ever drove, and long before I was licensed. Had a stick shift too, so I learned that early. Many fond memories of this one.

69 Chevy Nova. Dad’s. Chevy 6 engine ran like a clock. The rest of the car had trouble keeping time.

75 Ford Torino. The “Starsky and Hutch” model. A friend’s.

76 Plymouth Volare. Dad’s again.

78 Dodge Aspen. You think Dad would have learned something from the Volare, but no.

80 Mercury Bobcat. First rental car.

80 Honda Accord. A friend’s. It had been a while but I hadn’t forgotten a thing about driving stick.

82 Honda Accord. This friend liked Hondas, but never kept them very long.

82 Ford Mustang. Long road trips with a buddy.

84 Dodge Colt. A friend’s. Sounded like it had a sewing machine for an engine.

84 Oldsmobile. Dad finally learned.

84 Holden Commodore. In Australia. My first time driving a right-hand drive car on the left side of the road.

86 Honda Civic CRX. The two-seater. And all mine.

88 Ford F-150 pickup. This one is still on the road and used at a friend’s farm.

88 Chevy Beretta. Another rental and a gutless wonder.

89 Ford Taurus. What is it with these rentals that they have no guts? This one got us over the Canadian Rockies, but barely.

90 Jeep YJ. Guts and a stick shift. I still own this one.

90 Oldsmobile. Dad found he liked Oldsmobiles. This one has driven coast-to-coast and back again in Canada.

97 Chevy Cavalier. My future wife’s.

99 Ford Mustang convertible. Another rental, this one with guts. I had my future wife with me.

00 Chevy Blazer. What my wife and I took halfway across the country on our honeymoon.

I’ve also managed to drive a few “oddities” in my life. Not sure of all the specifics on these, but here are a few:

Ford 9000 truck, Kenworth truck. Yep, I’ve driven eighteen-wheelers. Glad I learned stick early; the Ford had a 13-speed transmission and the Kenworth a 15-speed.

Ford farm tractor. Oddly, this one took me some doing to learn.

Yale tow-motor. It beat walking in the warehouse.

Forklift (Eaton?). And learning this meant I could sit down while working.

Cessna 172 aircraft. Not sure if this one would count, but a friend let me take over the controls when we were flying in his aircraft once.

There were a few sailboats too, but I’ll keep my list to engine-powered vehicles.