How Many Iraqi TV Networks Exist & How Do I Find Out If Any Are Pushing 4 War w/Syria

In the case of these questions, Google hasn’t been my friend.

For starters, I can’t even come up with the names of all the post-Saddam Iraqi Television Networks. There probably has to be more than one network. All I can find are the Iraqi Media Network’s, pro-Coalition, Al-Iraqiya - And the non-Iraqi, Arab-language satellite networks; Al-Jazeera & Al-Arabiya (based in Qatar and Dubai).

Is Al-Iraqiya the only Iraqi-based network gig in town?

Secondly, I was recently listening to a discussion between a few foreign & American commentators and heard a rather startling revelation:

[Paraphrasing] Almost every night, the Iraqi News Networks have been beating the drums of war. Commentators & newscasters alike are attempting to prepare the public for the fact that once the post-Constitutional Iraqi government steps into power, war will be declared on it’s neighbor to the west; Syria. In late 2005 / early 2006, one of the first actions of the new Iraqi government will be to go the floor of the United Nations - and citing the insurgency coming across the Syrian border as an act of aggression - they shall declare war. [/Paraphrasing]

The skeptic in me would love to see a reputable, English-language, cite such a remarkable claim. Finding a public source for such a report shouldn’t have given me the problems its has. If true, and I have serious reservations about the veracity, a hundred non-GQ forum questions come to mind within 10 seconds.

Has anyone seen any such reports coming out of the Iraqi media (either broadcast or in print) that essentially call for - or attempt to prepare - the Iraqi citizenry for war with Syria?