How many Macintosh video output ports are there?

I do some work as an A/V tech, and more and more people are bringing Mac laptops to use in giving presentations. There seem to be a bewildering profusion of output ports on the various Mac models, however. There’s the standard VGA (HD-15 connector), DVI, mini VGA, and mini DVI. I would like to stock all of the cables needed to adapt the various Macs to the VGA connector my projectors require. Am I missing any others?

I’m not sure of a complete list off the top of my head, but maybe check what other vendors carry?

For example

IIRC, the current and recent Apple portables use either mini-VGA (iBooks), mini-DVI (12" Powerbooks) or DVI (15" and 17" Powerbooks) video outputs.

You can get adaptors from Apple’s online store (look on the left-hand column for “Displays,” then scroll down to the bottom of the page).

The elderly Macs will have a DB-15 video out (the old Mac standard video port). If you anticipate seeing anything dating back to the mid-90s, stock some Mac-video-to-VGA adapters.