How many men would it take to defeat someone who was 10x as strong/durable as a normal human?

What’s the minimum amount of men it would take to defeat someone who was 10x as strong/durable as a normal human?

Fight takes place in the middle of an empty parking lot.

They start off 20 feet apart facing each other.

No prep.

Round 1: No equipment.

Round 2: The superhuman has no weapons while the men have bats, crowbars and kitchen knives.

One armed man is all it takes.

It would depend on the fighting skills of all involved.

Dr. Richard Kimble agrees.

They all have average fighting skill (no formal training).

Absolutely right. I don’t care how strong and durable a person is, there are “kill shots” in hand to hand combat that a martial arts expert could use that would take him out very quickly.

There is still no single correct answer.

This is basically a bull facing off against some cowboys. Except the cowboys don’t have the proper gear for taking down the bull and there is no fence. Give them a fence, some rope or some netting and two could take him down. No fence and the superhuman just distances himself from the people coming after him. Possibly taking one of the weapons and turning it on his opponenets.

Or give a kid a sling and he could take him down with one stone aimed by God himself.

With average fighting skills, the answer would still have to take chance into consideration. A random fighter might get the chance to poke the guy’s eye out, or stab him in the back right where his heart is.

With no luck, the fight would last long and the minimum number would increase quite a lot The colossus can simply pull a bat out of someone’s hands and beat a hundred people with little visible effort.

Yes there is. I provided it. The minimum number is one.

Sounds like Chuck Norris against the baddies: Chuck Norris always wins. The only chance the others have is if Chuck is the baddie and they can have Bruce Lee on their side. That is never gona happen again.

Using that logic, the minimum number is zero if this superhuman trips and hits her/his head on a rock.

No, zero people would not do anything to him. He hasn’t been defeated by anyone if he just keels over dead for any number of reasons.

Moving to IMHO.

One guy willing to click the Report button 900 times.

I personally think 30 is a good answer for the first round considering the superhuman would barely register their attacks (since he’s 10x as durable), would be able to kill/incapacitate with a single blow, the group of men wouldn’t know how to work together effectively and some would hesitate in their attacks which would give the superhuman another advantage.

“Fill your hand, you son of a bitch!”

I’m pretty sure being ten times as resistant to crotch shots means you’re still vulnerable to crotch shots.

Round 1: I would say 20, but they need to 1) know the guy is superhuman, and 2) have devised a plan on how to handle him. That is, they’ve divided up into teams of, say, 5. And they take shifts. Like tag-teaming. By simply outlasting him, they will be able to subdue him.

Round 2: all bets are off because once the superhuman obtains a weapon, the scales tip massively. To be safe, I would say you need at least 40. (remember these are “normal” people - not specifically trained in the use of these weapons)

Those Hydra agents had Captain America surrounded in the elevator, and he still was able to take 'em all out without too much trouble (and they were far better than “average” in fighting and physical ability). And Cap is probably only 3 or 4 times as strong and durable as a normal human. Unarmed and facing each other, I think Cap could probably easy take out 20-30 average guys. So a 10x hero? Maybe more like Spider-Man without the webs? Maybe 100 or more, I’d guess.