How many more?

I was reading the constitution of the USA, and it says that only natural born citizens can become president. I was thinking if there was any other differences between a natural born citizen versus and Naturalized one.

None, that I’m aware of.

Given the 14th Amendment, it might be unconsitutional to make any other distinction between classes of citizens. Heck, one might even argue that the 14th Amendment repealed that provision of the Constitution sub silentio*, but it’d be a tough sell.


I started to type:

Naturalized citizens can have their citizen revoked. If you are only a US citizen, natural born, and haven’t fought in foreign armies, etc., you’re citizenship can’t be revoked.

But then, I felt I was splitting hairs. I guess the distinction is in for which reasons you can get you’re citizenship revoked.

According to a friend of mine, who used to work for the United States Information Services, you can never lose your citizenship once you’ve got it.

Some hack named Cecil dealt with this - though indirectly - in this column.