how many NATO soldier died in the war against Serbia i 1999?

not exactly a debate, but more of a question

I seam to remember that the causality was very low (under 10) but some serbian claim that the causality was up to 100

I know that “the truth is the first causality of war” but does anyone know any exact number over NATO causalities?


this is an article on NATOs own page and have therefore little credibility

it must be some sources that are more neutral



The North Atlantic Treaty was signed by national governments including the US - are the national governments themselves ‘neutral’ enough? How about an independent observer like the Red Cross or something?

Here’s a case study by Col. Robert Allen (who’s currently Dean of Aeronautical Science at Embry-Riddle) of Operation Deliberate Force (in PDF), confirming no NATO casualties:

And I don’t really see why NATO would lie about its own casualties…it’s one of those things that’s easy to find out.

i was in another debate where a user wrote that a dude called Carlton Meyer claimed that the causalities was over 80 the first two weeks o NATOs side

i’ve never heard about this man, how serious is this dude?

Carlton Meyer is a retired Marine captain and frequent critic of US military policy.


thanks for the other article

That’s colonel, not captain. Sorry.

Carlton Meyer runs the website/ezine G2Mil, which is highly critical of the US military establishment and many of its’ programs. I enjoy the zine and am an avid reader but I have never encountered the claim(That there were 80 casualties for Kosovo) that you reference.

Also, if there were, in fact, casualties, it would be rather difficult for NATO to cover it up. Soldiers do have names and wives/husbands/relatives, you’d think they would notice if one of them didn’t come back.

And, for the record, the statement that there weren’t any NATO deaths wasn’t for the Kosovo mission…it was for Operation Deliberate Force, which was Nato strikes in Bosnia against the Bosnian Serbs.

The bombing campaign against Serbia itself was Operation Allied Force. There were no NATO combat deaths there, either. However, two US soldiers were killed when an Apache being used in a training exercise crashed in Albania.

The title of the thread is:

*how many NATO soldier died in the war against Serbia i 1999?

Since Op Deliberate Force was a) not against Serbia and B) in 1995, not 1999, I have no idea how that managed to come up. I assumed he meant ALLIED FORCE.


how many NATO soldier died in the war against Serbia i 1999?

Are you reading the replies? We just told you two posts above:

Allied Force is the air war against Serbia over the status of Kosovo in 1999, and presumably the operation you are asking about.