How many of the IMDB Top 250 have you seen?

I know the list changes but as of now how many of the IMDB Top 250 have you seen. First to see them all wins. :wink:

I’ve seen 124

59 for me.

At one point, I’d seen them all.

Currently there are 31 on the list I haven’t seen, all but a handful are 2002 or newer.

I’ve seen 172.


Assuming I didn’t miss any foreign titled ones listed under their foreign titles, didn’t mess up my counting, etc: 82. Man I have quite a bit of movie viewing ahead of me.

78 that I’m aware of. I may have seen more and don’t remember the titles. I know there’s a few on that list that I don’t particularly care to see at all.

124 for me, also. Not counting a few like The Wild Bunch, 2001 and Schindler’s List that I started but didn’t finish.

92 for me, but once I get round to watching a few of the DVDs I have piled up in the corner of the room, it will be over 100!

(That’s after I read some of the unread books I have around here too!)


I’ve been kinda lazy catching up on Japanese and Chinese cinema lately.

I’ve seen 154 of them in their totality. Some I’ve seen bits and pieces but never managed to see them all, so I didn’t count them. Most that I’ve not seen are either very recent last 2-3 years or from before 1970 (when I was eight years old).

There are a good solid 40 that I’ve been meaning to see for a long time.


…and didn’t include a few I started to see but left before it was over (The Pianist and Dogville).

I’ve seen 89 and own 44 on DVD.


128 I thought it would be more.

219, but some of my omissions are quite glaring. I’ve never seen The Shawshank Redemption, The 400 Blows or The Bicycle Theif!

  1. Quite a few that I haven’t seen happen to be in my Netflix queue. I haven’t seen any Kurosawa, Bergman, or Leone films, which seem to be heavily represented.

I was surprised to come up with 99. I’m not in much of a hurry to see some of the others, though I did see at least 30 I intend on seeing at some point.