How many people in the world don't work for someone else?

By “work for someone else” I mean “regularly perform, or depend for one’s living on performing, services to others”. People who just own companies that make money for them would count, as long as they don’t also act as CEOs. People who don’t work at all count. Mountain men count, if they still exist and aren’t supporting themselves by selling game or pelts. Figurehead monarchs may arguably count.

Is there any way to estimate the number of such people?

Do people on unemployment and welfare count? They are providing work for unemployment and welfare workers, who would otherwise be on unemploymen and welfare, therefore providing work for other unemployment and welfare workers, who would otherwise…

Some artists are no longer producing, but just living on royalties.

I’m taking it that subsistence farmers count, but not farmers who regularly sell their crops? Still going to be a lot of people in the Third World, particularly Africa.