How many people text these companies?

Lately this one company has been making these really stupid commercials. They have a silly voice say amazingly easy questions, with 2 answers, one being a stupid answer, and the other being the correct one. Now, they say very quickly at the beginning of the commercial that each text to the company costs TWO dollars.

The reward is pretty simple, like a PSP and 4 games, so probably under a 1000$. And American Idol, each text is 1$, and they probably get millions of votes that way. I’m just wondering how many people actually text in to those silly things, with or without knowing about the cost.

Ditto for those things where you can “text with REAL girls who are just DYING to talk to you!” First of all, how do you know if they’re really young hot girls (they probably aren’t) and also, why not just find a chat room, which is FREE?