Yeah, I'm sure hot sexy young girls got nothing better to do...

…than to sit around texting ramdom “doesn’t have a clue” guys all day. :rolleyes:
(I’m talking about these commercials that say: “Text 666 flirt to flirt with sexy young girls”)

At least with phone sex they have to at least sound sexy. With text messeging you don’t even have to be a girl period.

Again :rolleyes:

I’m a guy, I’m fairly random, I don’t have a clue, and let me tell you, some hot sexy young girls do text me. Whether or not they have anything better to do is debatable, but they do text me.

A friend of mine actually worked for one of these companies, and he is a but-ugly heterosexual male !!
I think Penthouse Forum would be a lot more interesting then some guy pretending to be a girl sending you text messages.

As opposed to a boy period? I didn’t know we even got those!

(Much knee-slapping ensues)

[sub]Memo to self: Get cell phone with texting capabilities. Deficiency of “hot sexy young girls” in life may be correctable after all.[/sub]

I don’t think that SHAKES is talking about “ill be home late dad go to sleep.”

Neither am I. I’m 19 and childless.

Wow. Porn text spam? I’d be livid. I get angry enough at the incessant Myspace Friend Requests.

I saaw an ad in the back of the Voice once: “Talk to hot, nasty women!” I thought, I do that every day on the subway: “It’s 90 fckin’ degrees in here, when are they gonna fix the fckin’ a/c!

Is anyone really aroused by receiving a “U R SO SEXY OMG!!!11!” text message? Aroused enough to pay for it?

I’m really aroused by receiving a “U R SO SEXY OMG!!!11!” text message, but only because I know I haven’t paid for it.

So what exactly do hot sexy young girls do?

Hold on a sec, let me ask.

Okay, I’m back.

It seems that being young and hot and sexy is pretty much a full time gig.

I’m young, and while opinion varies widely on whether or not I’m hot and sexy, I do in fact send text messages.

Honestly, I’m not quite certain how a text could really do anything for anyone. EIther it’s too long and you’re basically chatting online, only with annoying ringtones and slowness, or it’s…I’m not quite sure, but very possibly dull.

I think those girls should find something better to do. My mobile came preloaded with a couple games, and while phone-bowling isn’t as much fun as the real thing, it passes the time, at least.

Those who doubt the sexually arousing power of text messages should remember the oh-so-useful vibrate function.

I have never had the pleasure of discovering the answer to this question; but as long as it doesn’t involve other men, they’re certainly welcome to do it in my lap.

Not powerful enough.

Would you believe my first thought was: “Aww, that’s for pussies!” Just… never mind.