How many People Thought Last Week's "Survivor" Sucked!

I mean I have really gotten into this show. But last week’s episode sucked. I really don’t get into the politics of the voting off people part of the show. I like the survivor parts and the physical challenges.

And the physical challenges last week sucked. I mean the stupid puzzle wth(what the heck) was with that. BORING! Then I thought to myself hopefully they will do a killer physical challenge for the amunity “dilly”. BUT NOOO!! They do some lame survivor trivia game to get spaces like on the Hop Scotch game when you were a kid. I mean if I want to watch a trivia game, I’ll watch “Who wants to be Millionaire” at least they have cool sound effect when they go to the next question.

The only thing that saved last week’s show was watching that vegetarian chick trip out when they killed the pig and the chicken. (I’m terrible ain’t I? :smiley: ) I mean why would pick a vegetarian to be on the show in the first place?(unless just for the comical value of watching her trip out)

Anyway, I didn’t watch the island survivor one last time. Were there alot lame shows with dumb games like this last week in Australia? I sure hope not or I will stay at the gym longer.

…but then again, I’m apparently one of the 10 people in the country who loved “Hannibal,” so there you go.

Actually, Bill, a lot of the challenges this time are nearly identical to ones used on the island. There was a trivia contest there too. The idea is to “outwit, outplay, outlast,” so it’s not all just physical challenges–yes, you need strong people on the team, but also smart ones. Ogakor, having voted off Kel and Mad Dog, lost both a strong one and a smart one.

I didn’t get the puzzle thing. I assume everyone had to be involved in solving it. Otherwise, it would have made more sense to have the best puzzle-solver on each team do it alone–it’s not like the puzzles were that complicated, and sometimes things like that can really be slowed down by having too many people chipping in.

I thought this was the strongest of the episodes. It was clear that people are starting to see through Jerri, and I was glad to see Michael finally make his kill. Farmer Joe’s my favorite, and it was good to see him being so important. On top of that, watching Kimmi look all self-righteous (and hungry!) while her team mates built up their strength with some much-need protein and fat was great entertainment.

My brother tried out for this one and didn’t make it. Now, he’s glad he didn’t–these folks just seem to lack the personality (and sense of fun) of the last tribes.

My guess is that they didn’t do any physical challenges last week to try to give Ogakor a chance to win. It was obvious after the first two shows that Ogakor isn’t good at physical challenges. Now it is obvious that they aren’t good at thinking either.

If they would do a lazy-river-sitting-backstabbing challenge Ogakor would kick but!

Wildest Bill said:

What, are you nuts?! That was the best episode of the season!

Well, considering that is pretty much what the show revolves around, I can see how that might annoy you. :wink:

Not all challenges are physical. They weren’t last time, they aren’t this time. And in a “real life” survival situation (yeah, I know, this ain’t one), they wouldn’t be all physical, either.

Not to be redundant, but that’s 'cus they weren’t physical challenges.

As has already been mentioned, one thing the game is based on is outwitting. Not outphysicalling (is that a word? I dunno, but you get the drift). Frankly, I thought they’d gone too long without a mental challenge. It was a bit surprising that they put two non-physical challenges in the same show, but it’s not like it’s the end of the world.

Why not? Last time they subsisted almost entirely on rice, with some fish thrown in. She’s not a real vegetarian, and does eat fish. I rather doubt she expected them to kill and eat a pig, or to have to eat cow’s brains.

Actually, I’m sure that was part of it.

Stay in the gym. You’ll be happier and we’ll be happier 'cus we won’t have to see you complain about something when you obviously don’t know what you’re talking about…

The whole pig-kill scene seemed a bit phony to me. The camera guy just happened to be in the right place. The pig seemed sedated. I wondered if it was staged… anyone else get that imnpression?

WB, I love ya, but that was easily one of the best shows from BOTH seasons. If you don’t like to politics, then I recommend you don’t watch it - that becomes the most interesting part of the shows.

Ace, I don’t think so. They mentioned a couple of times that the pig was pretty small. Also, there are usually several cameras on set, so the odds of one of them reacting to someone saying, “Hey! There’s a pig by the water!” is pretty good.


How come you thought that was the best one? That puzzle thing seemed pretty stupid to me. I mean as spectators we couldn’t even tell what the puzzle was. As far as the trivia questions what was so exciting about that?


Man I never had an IMHO post quoted and dissected before like that. That was cool. But remember it was just an opinion. They are like a holes everybodies got one. :wink:

“The pig seemed sedated. I wondered if it was staged”

As we talked about in the other subject about this show, I believe it was a domestic pig thats dumb & slow but looks like a wild pig.

As per what you said, they can’t sedate it because the medication would be in the meat they ate & they would get all sleepy themselves, right?

Its not the challenges that are interesting. Its who wins and loses them that is interesting. The big questions going into this episode were:

  1. If Kucha loses, will his killing the pig have negative or positive effects - i.e. getting him voted out.

  2. If Ogakor loses, will Jerri & Co. reign, or will the rest of the tribe be able to counteract that?

  3. Hi Opal!

  4. Can Kimmi possibly get any more annoying?

You see, we are all interested to see if someone’s going to fall off of a cliff. But we keep watching to see the politics involved. When you talk about it with your friends, you can’t sit there and talk about how Marilyn should have run faster, you sit there talk about how Colby and Keith should have seen the alliance much earlier and acted on it. The challenges are simply a means to an end.

However, I do have to say that last season’s challenge where everyone had to film themselves answering questions written on trees was hilarious with Rudy not knowing anything - “I don’t know”, “I have no idea”, etc.

While my roommate and I were watching the puzzle challenge last week, I said to him the way to win was to just have two people doing the puzzle, and have the rest of the tribe sit down and shut up.

And, then I said, make sure the two smartest people in the tribe were among the group sittin’ and shuttin’.

Well I’m not sure if the amount needed to sedate a small pig would have much effect on a human – let alone five or six humans (however many it was divided among).

I like Kimmi, she is pretty to look at…but then I can’t hear her, so that might have something to do with it.

Trust me: you’re not missing anything by not hearing her. She’s…shrill. Her voice is like two colors that clash really, really badly.

On the other hand, she does have nice…er…assets. :wink: