How many people were dropped as a small child?

I know it must happen, carrying a squirmy little one and he/she gets out of the hold and drops to the ground taking a hard fall.

I’m wondering about the frequency that this happens, is it that most people have been dropped, or just a small number of people? I am particularly interested in the %age that takes a very hard fall, one that they would associate with pain and then perhaps shows fear/insecurity in being held after the fall.

I don’t know that a hard fall from a parent’s arms would make a small child be afraid of being held. If we are talking about the age when a 4 ft fall is a “very hard fall” we are talking about very young babies, ones that are held much of the time. I am not sure they’d identify the “being held” as the stimulus that led to the fall.

I entered the Earth’s atmosphere pretty hard the first time I attempted it. That hurt. Caused some fear. Fear is the Mind Killer. Next time, I sheared off momentum with an Earth/Moon* loop maneuver first.

*Moon = Earth’s large natural satellite.

I was, at least a couple of times.

I spent the first three years of my life working as a ball for the Harlem Globetrotters.

My older daughter hit the younger one in the head with a hammer when she was a baby. We think that explains a few things.

Bet’s that 's more common with first born kids?

My sister dropped me when I was three days old. She was ten… and remembers it like it was yesterday. I tripped carrying my five month old son. He hit his head pretty good, and I still have a wicked scar on my hand. But as far as I know, he didn’t make the connection between falling and being held. It seems all he wants is for me to hold him. :slight_smile:

My daughter was dropped.


Sorry, kiddo.

My college roommate claimed that he had fractured his skull when he was less than 2 years old, after his uncle accidentally dropped him on the sidewalk.

My college roommate was really weird.

Despite extensive circumstantial evidence to the contrary, to the best of my knowledge I was never dropped.

My mother wiped out her bike with both my sister and I on the back when we were very young. I have no recollection of this incident, but I do associate it with the local library, since my mother was traumatized enough to bring it up whenever we went to the library.

You could probably expand that a bunch - my friend’s kid has been lifted overhead in to the tailgate of the minivan on at least one occasion. :smack:

My parents flipped a sled on me when I was x months, and I don’t mind skiing.

My dad put me in a car seat precariously perched on a pile of newpapers on top of a waist-high cabinet. I kicked myself off, landed on a concrete floor, and cracked my skull open.

I’m fine now twitch.

I fell off a bed after being left there unsupervised…my grandmother turned her back, and I rolled off. I was tiny when it happened. There was no lasting damage, other than my mom being really, really shaken by the event.

I used a golf club (9-iron, IIRC) on my older brother. I did yell “fore” before I swung. Took 7 stitches to close his head wound.

Your kids are pikers. Consider yourself lucky.

I was 3 when we moved into our new house. They still hadn’t put a railing on the basement stairs. So I fell off the top step, landing on my head onto the cement basement floor. I remember them taking me to the hospital. I have no idea whether there was a diagnosis or anything.

Yes, that can explain a lot.:wink:

My nanny gave me a penetrating wound below the lower lip. The two-stitch scar is visible 50 years later. It sprouts hair, which is a bother if I use a straight razor when shaving. I gave up and switched to triple blades.

The first time I walked on my own (they tell me), I got out of my crib, walked past my mother (who was talking on the kitchen telephone) and right to the basement door, which had been thoughtfully opened by our dog. I promptly fell down the stairs. Twelve of them.
They rushed me to the doctor, where my father told them to x-ray me.

“What part of him?”
“ALL of him!”
As far as I know, it didn’t affect me adversely. This is why they make kid skeletons out of cartilage.
I’ve had plenty of other bad things happen to me as a kid. I’ll tell you about them sometime.

I was. Explains quite a lot…