How many persons of Mongolian decent live in the U.S.?

I mean, people who are either immigrants from Mongolia themselves, or are the decendants of people who emigrated from Mongolia.

Damned if I know myself, or even where to check.

Mongolian immigration has slowed down considerably since the Bering Strait land bridge collapsed.

From the Friends of Mongolia website, quoting a 2000 New York Times article:

I found the article by Googling “Mongolian-Americans”.

Only 5,000? That’s not a lot.

What gives?

I’m more curious as to what spawned the question in the first place?

Well, if you consider that there are only 2.7 million people in Mongolia and that Mongolian immigration hasn’t been happening for all that long…

Well, I’d been thinking about the vast number of peoples and culture’s who come to the United States over the centuries, and it occured to me that I’d never heard of any Mongolian-Americans.

Obviously, there had to be at least a few of us Yankees who’d come from central Asia.