How many pieces of jewelry are you wearing?

I have some very nice pieces that I don’t wear except on special occasions.

The only constant is the silver claddagh ring. Quietgirl has a matching one. We exchanged them on my 18th birthday.

I also wear on a fairly regular basis a rune necklace (with Kano on it, which looks like < and means fire or creativity.) Again, Quietgirl has one, but it’s got a different symbol.

I’m not too much for adornments.

3: engagement ring, wedding ring, and one silver ear ring up at the top (pointy bit) of my ear. (I don’t have pierced lobes.) When I go out I wear a watch, but I’m not sure that counts.

Hematite ring (also known as Black Alaskan Diamond).

My old engagement ring, sapphire.

A couple of sleepers, including one in the uppermost part of my left ear.

A silver, bracelet style watch that I only wear when I go out.

A variety of light earrings, that I only wear when I’m going out.

I used to be known for wearing a TON of jewelry, and big earrings. I had about 4 beautiful (and expensive) rings disappear about 7 years ago, which is when I cut down on wearing rings. My pierces started to stretch, so I had to start wearing really small, light earrings around that time too. I felt naked for a while, but I’ve really adjusted.

Oooh I love the claddagh. My maiden name is Scottish but I really love it for the symbolism. I have a ring, a pendant, hoop ear rings–(sorta made like the sheeps head hoops) and an anklet–all gold. I usually have one claddagh on all the time. FTR I never wear them all at the same time. I’m not much on the “matching set” look.

A platinum wedding band, and a silver ring in my left earlobe. The watch comes off as soon as I step in the house.

Oh, yeah…do buttons count? My fieldcoat has a small button on it, that I haven’t removed in two years, which reads “My God is Dead…Sorry About Yours”

Right now I am wearing a ball chain neclace looped around 3 times, and a ring with a pentacle and two naked winged ladies.

I always wear my engagement ring on my left hand. It is a beautiful ring that he designed for me. I can’t imagine not wearing it. (Later this year I will be getting the matching band!)

On my right hand I always wear a ring that my grandparents gave to me when I was 15 years old. It is a gold birthstone ring with diamond chips. It is still actually very pretty and it has tons of sentimental value. I have only taken it off a couple of times since it was given to me.

I also always wear my watch. I don’t even take my watch off when I sleep or shower. It is a gold and silver Seiko I have had for about three years. It’s face is starting to get really scratched and I am going to have to start thinking about getting a new one soon. I hate new watches!

Thats it, unless you count the rubber bands that I always seem to wrap around my right wrist while I am working.

14 pieces give or take.

9 bead bracelets, a string bracelet I made, one my sister made, and one I got at a party, a string anklet my other sister made for me and a string of beads as a choaker.

For being a mass of “jewelry” it sure doesn’t add any class.

Hair thin gold chain w/ a pendant of three dolphins joined snout to tail in a circle-about 3/4" diameter-one dolphin is gold,one silver,one copper.This never comes off.
Left wrist gold/silver plate fossil watch.
Left hand middle finger an antique looking ring-gold and pink ice-whatever that is.
left hand ring finger-silver snake ring-its twin is on my right ring finger.
right wrist-triple chain silver herringbone bracelet.
right hand middle finger gold and diamond ring that looks like ivy wrapped around my finger.
right hand ring finger-see left hand ring finger

I have two things I always wear: a gold hoop earring in my left ear and a gold necklace. I haven’t removed either for any appreciable length of time in over 7 years. I always wear my watch at work. It’s a gold Timex digital middle of the line. But I take it off as soon as I get home.

I have a very nice gold Claddagh ring on my right ring finger. I also wear a Skagen wristwatch. Thats it.

four earrings.

Just a cheap silver Timex and a seed bead bracelet I made today. The bracelet’s really purty: it’s three strands, each with 10 variegated shades that go from black to frosted gray to liquidy silver, then start over at black again. Making jewelry is soooo much fun! This is the first thing I’ve made that I wanna keep, but will probably give to the first friend who makes the right noises over it, as usual.

I also usually wear a delicate Celtic knotwork necklace, but the clasp broke last month and I haven’t been bothered to fix it yet. The only thing I wear consistently is the watch.

Yikes, I just counted 18 things I wear constantly, with the watch being the only item I take off when I shower.

4 rings
Said watch, bracelet-style
1 silver bangle
1 cheap thin bracelet
2 bangles made of horn
6 thin Cloissone bangles
2 small ring-style earrings
1 necklace (fossilized sand dollar on a black and white beaded necklace from Senegal. My friend found the sand dollar when we were camping in south Florida. He also says he knows where I am by the sound of my bangles. I hardly hear their sound anymore.)

I’ve done a lot of traveling the past three weeks and all this jewelry is a pain in the ass at airport security stations. But I still won’t give them up.

If I counted things I wear constantly, I guess I’d have to include my glasses.

But we’re talking jewelry here. For a guy whose brother is a jeweler, I wear very little (although I’ll note he has given me some fine accoutrements over the years - and he knows I don’t wear’em).

A (fancier than I’d ever buy, inherited) watch and a gold family crest ring (looks a lot like some class rings or, when it’s got itself all turned around, a wedding band).

Due to my wacky metal allergies (silver is kosher, but nothing else), I only have a few pieces of jewelery that I ever wear. I only wear earrings for special occasions (if I wear them for more than a few hours at a time, the piercings scab over and get yucky), and I never wear a wristwatch. Necklaces are also for dress-up.

But I always wear a ring on my left pinkie. It’s silver, and it comes to a point in the front and back. The front is divided into two long, triangular sections. The right half is a lapis lazuli inlay, and the left half is a swirly, pseudo-Celtic pattern with great black hilights in the silver’s “cracks.” It has sentimental value, and even though I’m constantly terrified it’ll fall off and I’ll lose it, I only take it off to shower and sleep.

The only piece of jewelry I wear 24 hours a day (except for showers or hand washings) is my school ring. I’ll probably even wear it after high school, because I have such a fondness for it. In 2002, the year on the ring will be outdated, but that’s a risk I’m willing to take.

A watch that I got for my 18th (before that I had a cheap plastic digital watch that I would never consider jewelry), and a cool little snake ring that I also got for my 18th (and enabled me to discover that my right ring finger is fatter than my left ring finger).

On my right hand I only wear one ring that I received on my 16[sup]th[/sup] birthday from my dad. On my left hand I am now proudly wearing my brand new, shiny engagement ring. It’s so pretty and shiny! And to end that, one pair of gold hoops in my ears.

I always wear two silver rings on my right hand. One is completely plain, and the other has a silver nugget about the size of a coffee bean. I wear a white metal watch with a thick bracelet strap.

If I’m going out, I might wear a necklace or a torque and some bracelets. I don’t have anything pierced, but I wear clip on earrings for the odd special evening occasion.