How many pieces of jewelry are you wearing?

On another thread, I made a comment about wearing nothing but my jewelry and I started thinking how naked I would feel without at least 10 pieces on as follows.

3 wedding bands-band, engagement ring, anniversary band
2 toe rings-1 gold, 1 silver
1 gold anklet I always wear
1 necklace-varies with my mood
1-3 pairs of ear rings
1 pair nipple rings

As various times I will wear a watch, bracelets, more rings. I guess you could say I’ve got a sort of thing for gold and silver.

So what would you feel naked without?

One ring (right hand), one watch (left wrist). Occasionally one plain bead chain. Very occasionally (at work) one plain silver tie clip.

I’m always wearing my rings – wedding band, engagement ring (really an “anniversary ring” – I didn’t want a rock), and silver/opal inlay ring – unless I’m doing something grungy or playing a hand drum.

My minimum other jewelry when I leave the house is earrings – I feel naked without them. I’m pierced twice – only because Mr. Scarlett surprised me with diamond studs one Christmas, and I still wanted to be able to wear my usual dangles too.

Other than that, whatever goes with what I’m wearing. I make and sell my own jewelry, so I try to wear my own stuff as much as possible – although I still have a lot of cool stuff from before I got into the jewelry biz.

One. My watch.

I haven’t worn my earrings (2 left, 1 right) for months.

One ring, one bracelet, 4 earrings.

None, zero, zilch. I have a bunch of nice jewelry (most of it was given to me by my ex-fiance), but I rarely wear any of it.

Must admit I never feel naked without any jewelery. The first thing I do when I get home is take off my watch and pop out my earrings.

I rarely go outside without wearing them; small gold stud earrings, usually, when I’m “not bothering” but otherwise I never wear any at home.

I like the look of jewelery but just don’t wear much of it. Never really thought much about why not. It doesn’t make much sense, now that I do think about it.


Nipple rings is it for me.

1…either my Seiko Chronograph or Vostock Amfibian watch, depending on the situation (the $40 Commiewatch is the water/work watch, the $200 Seiko is the dressy/casual one)


I don’t do jewelry.

When I was in high school I worked a hay crew one summer. I once saw a man pulled into the baler by a chain he was wearing. It was very messy. I quit wearing jewelry then. I have taken to wearing a wristwatch (used to wear a loose pocket watch, but it is very hard to find pants with a watch pocket these days) but with a very breakable watch band.

When I got married, my wife asked me to wear a wedding band, I was never able to deny her anything. I wear it to this day.


DAMMIT!!! I always end up licking the taken ones…

I used to wear:

2 earrings in one ear, 1 earring in the other
My class ring on my right hand
My watch
An MIA bracelet

The earrings were the first to go (just got tired of them), and then when I started working as an electrician, all the other jewlery came off as a matter of safety. I haven’t worn any jewelry in years now.

Right hand ring finger: class ring
Left hand ring finger: marcasite “engagement ring” i wear (long story)
Left hand thumb: blue ring my mom bought me in New Orleans
Ears: 3 earrings each (two studs, a hoop)
Neck: 1 choker, 1 ballchain with a (literal) dog tag and some charms on it, 1 big-link silver chain
Left wrist: “Hello Kitty” watch from McDonald’s
Right wrist: 7 plastic bracelets and a paper “VISAband” from the car show I went to last weekend
Left ankle: anklet made from scrap chain I found in the back room at work, held together by a small padlock out of a quarter machine

If a watch counts as jewelry, one.

Let’s see…

wedding band
engagement ring
2 earrings in left ear
3 earrings in right ear
watch and silver bracelet on left arm
3 gold bracelets on right arm

That makes 12 for me.

I wear a wrist watch and nothing more.

I used to wear a big class ring for years, but eventually found it necessary to cut it off because it would no longer pull off of my finger.

As of right now? One ring (class ring: silver, with a peridot…even though my birthday’s in March) and a necklace of puka beads that I “stole” yesterday from one of my friends. He hasn’t asked for it back and he knows I have it.

Sometimes I’ll wear really nice necklaces, occasionally I’ll wear a bracelet for about a week and then abandon it for a month.

I used to wear about 6 rings and anywhere from 4-12 bracelets but making noise wherever I went got old quickly.

I hate earrings, even though I have pierced ears. The only pair I can stand are my silver hoops.

Right now? Just a pendent of a goddess in the shape of a letter opener. Well, I guess it’s not meant to be a letter opener. A female figure, that comes to a point at the feet. It’s really cool looking and it’s fun to play with (why I’m wearing it now) but I keep getting mistaken for Wiccan.

When I leave the house: three to four rings (various) pretty much always.

Earring possibly. I have problems keeping thing in pairs. Works ok with socks (especially if you wear boots) not so well with earrings.

Oh, and just today I put on the bracelet given to me by the guy I’ve been in …love? deeply profound and spiritual lust with for the past ten years. I stopped wearing it 'cause, well, he was an asshole. However, I put it on today because asshole or no, I’ve decided to remember him for the lust.

9 earrings, one nose ring, two signet rings [one is silver with a garnet in it, the other is silver with swirly bits on it], my Powerpuff Girls watch, ball-chain necklace and that’s about the only jewelery I wear every day.


  • Two pairs of earrings…usually my silver hoops in the first piercing and silver studs in the second one.
  • Right hand, ring finger: Silver Celtic knotwork ring.
  • Right hand, little finger: Silver and amethyst ring I got in England.
  • Left hand, ring finger: Moonstone Goddess ring.
  • Right wrist: Gold figaro-style bracelet.
  • Left wrist: Guess watch I’ve had for over 10 years. I’m thinking of replacing it soon with a metal one, though.

I used to wear a tiny gold cross around my neck, but the chain snapped, so I haven’t worn it in ages.