How Many Pills Do You Take Each Day?

I’m talking about prescriptions and/or supplements that you are taking on a long-term basis. For me, it’s six:

Lexapro (from now until forever, or until we change my medication)
aspirin (81 mg low-dose therapy - my 28-year-old brother died of a pulmonary embolism in October, and my OB just wants to be safe)
slow-release iron (third-trimester bloodwork showed I was slightly anemic)
fish oil capsule (all that good fishy stuff without the nasty taste of fish)
pre-natal vitamin (self-explanatory)
calcium supplement (started when I was on Depo-Provera, and have kept it up - no osteoporosis for me!)

Even after I give birth, I’ll be taking basically all of the same pills, except for the aspirin.

How about you?

  1. 1 Effexor (for depression), 1 Dexedrine (for ADD), and 1 allergy pill (usually Claritin).

Atenonol-- for my heart
Skelaxin-- for my back problem
Tramadol-- back problem
Mobic-- mild arthritis
Zoloft-- doctor believes it may keep me from fainting
Zanaflex-- for back (also helps me to sleep)

Yes, my liver is slowly decaying into a blob of goo from all these chemicals. I worry about it, but I need all of these things to keep me going.


Oh, my -

Synthroid (once a day) and Cytomel (twice a day) for hypothyroidism;

Effexor (once a day) for depression;

Carbamazepine (once a day) for mood regulation;

Flonase & Loratidine (Claritin) for allergies;

1 multivitamin supplement, 1 vitamin C supplement, 1 betacarotene supplement, 1 vitamin E supplement;

and - during my menstrual period - evening primrose oil capsules.

That’s 10 or 11, depending.

What’s with the baby aspirin, Avarie537?

Taking 2 Flintstones a day.

Once my bloodwork comes back okay, I’ll likely add in garlic pills and fish oil. Probably should add folic acid either way.

When I was combatting migraines, I took six supplemental pills of magnesium and B-2. If they start up again next year, I’ll try the combo again, but I think it was related to old gallbladder pain (now since removed surgically).

I don’t take anything. I hate pills.

Get a rope.

The battle count is 17 in the AM, 9 at night, nothing realy interesting, just vitamens, BP stuff, Plavix and diabetes pills.

Oh, I forgot the magnesium supplement I started recently! Make that 11 or 12.

Glyburide/Metformin 2 a day for diabetes
Zetia - 1 a day for cholesterol
Prevacid - 1 a day for acid reflux
Lisinopril - 1 a day for blood pressure

Soon to start Ribavirin once a day, plus Interferon once a week - for Hepatitis C. :frowning:

One little Wellbutrin in the a.m. and two big vitamins in the p.m. Sometimes I take other more interesting pills, but only when I can find some. :wink:

Big zero for me.

My father, starting tomorrow, will be taking over 30 pills per day. He has a lot going on with his heart, and he will be taking 22 pills a day for a new and interesting chemo treatment the doctors are trying out.

Want to hear the entire Yale School of Medicine say, “Beats the heck out of me?” Call them up and ask them what’s wrong with my Dad.

When I remember:

Synthroid for hypothyroid
A multivitimin
apple cider vinegar tablets (weight loss supp)

One (just a birth control pill)…when I remember to take it.*
*If you’re reading this, sweetie, I’m just kidding. I take it every day. :slight_smile:

Just one OTC Claratin. (ok, the generic, I’m cheap).

What a difference it makes in my ability to breath through my nose ALL DAY AND NIGHT! Mrs. Butler claims it helps with the snoring too.

Birth control.
And I usually remember my Centrum.

[ol][li]Multivitamin[/li][li]Calcium Supplement[/li][li]Flax Seed Oil Capsules[/li][li]Stacker 3 Ephedra Free [/ol][/li]
I’ve been thinking about adding fiber supplements lately but don’t know if I will as I already dislike taking what I have and am hesitant to add another pill.

Monday through Saturday, two:

Sundays I add in Methotrexate.


If you only take these “when you remember”,

and if you don’t take them at the same time every day,

and if you don’t take them on an empty stomach, and especially avoid taking them within several hours of taking any calcium or iron supplements,

you might as well throw them away. They’re not helping you much. Seriously. :rolleyes:

None for me. The last time I took a pill was back in the fall when I was having dental surgery.