How many redheads?

what percentage of Americans are naturally red-haired?

The stat I’ve heard is 1 in 20 (thus 5%).

The other stat I’ve never managed to forget is that 1 in 88 births yields twins.

Not enough. :smiley:

For some reason I was expecting a lightbulb joke, until I realized which forum I was in.

But let me just echo Neidhart’s sentiment. [homer]redheads…mmmm[/homer]


My wife’s got very red hair. I have brown hair. No one in my family, that I’m aware of, has red hair. My sister-in-law has reddish highlights, and there’s a redhead or two a couple of generations back in her family.

What are the chances of our child being a redhead?


(My wife would agree with the “not enough” comment.)

depends how many kids you have.