Goodbye redheads: they could be extinct within 100 years

According to this item in today’s paper (23 August) reporting on genetic scientists’ musings in an article in the current National Geographic.

The report fails to factor in the ease with which redheads can find each other in a crowd.

I’ve never been a big fan of redheads.

I like it when women dye their hair red, but natural redheads are rarely hot.

The lone women that buck that trend are Angie Everhart, Nikki Cox, and Julia Boorstin.

The third I discovered at work, where we watch oodles of MSNBC and she does the Hollywood reporting periodically throughout the day.

I wonder if the authors of this study have ever been to Canada. I find that redheads aren’t nearly as prevalent in the US as they were in Canada and I’m something of an oddity here.

Bah, they recycle that old bit of trash every few months. There wasn’t a single redhead on either side of my family in my or my parents’ generation and then, low and behold, I was born with bright red hair and others followed me! As long as people with recessive genes continue to breed, the genes will continue to be passed on, even if there’s nothing but brunettes for four generations.

Yes, all of us redheads could end up marrying people who lack the recessive ginger allele, but it’s not terribly likely. The 2% figure is looking at the entire world, after all. When looking for a mate, the fact that there are several billion people with black hair in Asia isn’t going to somehow prevent me from finding a local boy who has red hair running in his family.

Bite your tongue! Redheads are so hot, their heads catch fire!

I must seek out a redhead to continue the strain.

(Why, Sunspace, you haven’t a red hair on you! I–shuttup!–What?–you’re giving it awathump BANG arrgghh)

Sorry. What was the thread saying again?

Oh dear god! Something must be done, stat! I’m sure all redheads are concerned about this trend. I will be willing to sacrifice myself to the furtherence of redheaded species. yes, I will screw every hot willing redhead that avails herself to me.

Yes, I’m selfless. I know.

A world without redheads is not one I would care to live in.

My family is rapidly being taken over by the redheads- most of the cousins born in the past decade have been gingers.

I heard some report on NPR a while back about the horrible abuse “gingers” apparently face in the UK. I swear, the way they were reporting it made it sound like that episode of South Park. I kept hoping someone would call himself a daywalker.

The reason there are so few of us left is that red dye fades out quickly…

You forgot Kari Byron.


I’m sorry, I reject you totally.

What he said.

Edit: Crap, too late. What he said before the other thing.

“In my opinion, there’s nothing in this world, Beats a '52 Vincent, and a red headed girl.” ~ Richard Thompson ~

I’ve been a sympathizer with the League of Red-Headed Men for a couple of years, though I believe the League should be putting more efforts into Red-Headed Ladies. I know I would.

That’s probably a percedption issue. Stunning redheads probably occur as often as stunning blondes or brunettes, there are just a lot fewer of them since natural red hair is relatively rare. Because red hair is rare, you tend to remember all redheads whereas you would tend to forget or not even notice an average or unattractive blonde. Women who dye their hair tend to take more care in their appearence and, on average, are probalby more attractive than women who don’t dye their hair.

And I say this as an completely average red head.

Red hair does not automatically make a woman hot. But when it works, it works very well.