Redheads, Readheads, everywhere! I was told we were a dying breed.

I thought I heard once, about Reds with green eyes, that we were about overwith, as far as genetic survivability. To which I say, “fuck you!”, because I’m a Red, and that’s typical for the breed, and by “breed”, I mean “Breed with a Red, right now. Do your part.”

But if you turn on the T&V, there are more commercials with Reds than dogs, and dogs are usually a top-draw-feature in television advertising.

Will the genetic code for Redheads survive?

“What, me worry?”

It’s not for lack of trying on my part.

I have a feeling most redheads on TV aren’t natural. But I could be wrong.

I like the articles in places like national geographic that claim we’ll be extinct by 2050. Given I’m only in my early 30s, I personally hope to be alive in another 40 years, thank you. It’s mostly BS anyway. You only have to look at families like mine (dark brown haired parent + red haired parent = 2 kids with red hair) to see that the genes are fairly easy to pass along to another generation.

Skara_Brae, a lot of the ones in commericals are real redheads - Target has one with a few in it. When in doubt look at their eyebrows - if they’re blondish they’re real readheads, because people who dye their hair red dye their eyebrows to match despite the fact that ours rarely do so naturally.

There do seem to be an awful lot in superhero comics. I figured some artist had a thing for them.

I have naturally red hair and blue eyes. I married a man with brown hair and brown eyes.

None of my 4 children has red hair.

We’re dooooooooooomed!

I, for one, welcome our red headed [del]dominatrixes[/del] overlords.

Yes, I have a thing for red heads. Just kinky that way, I guess.

Eh, red hair can skip generations.


I am the oldest of four redheads of varying shades. One of my sisters and my brother have very light eyebrows but my other sister and I have very dark eyebrows. Mine are darkest, and I was actually listed as having black hair as a newborn, but it lightened to auburn by the time I was three.

My paternal grandparents had a red-headed child (my father) and they had blonde and dark brown hair. My mother is not a true red-head, but her aunt and cousin are and she does have freckles along with dark brown hair. Her parents were both dark brown haired, but she and my dad had four red-headed spawn.

I should add, that so far- with four adult children over 28 years and still no grandchildren (what can I say- we are just weird), we aren’t exactly doing our part. We might have to rely on our cousin (dad’s nephew) who is not redheaded, except for when he grows a beard.

I am certainly willing to do my part to assist any redheads who wish to breed. My mother was a redhead, and one of my sister’s daughters is a redhead, so there is a chance that I even carry the necessary DNA myself.

Eh…we’re getting diluted.

I see more people with (naturally appearing) reddish hair than the bright carrot tops now than when I was a kid. It appears that when a ginger + brunette / blonde mix it up, the kids can come up with shades anywhere in between, but very seldom matching one or the other.

missred (who’s more strawberry)

:dubious: to you too. I didn’t say redheads can’t have darker eyebrows, but if they’re blond red is probably their natural hair color.

I too will begrudgingly breed with as many redheads as possible. It will be horrible scutwork but for the good of the people I will do my part.

My parents (both blond) had three children - all of us redheads. (Despite my mother’s calumnies against the milkman, we’re pretty sure the red hair came from my father’s mother - Irish - and/or from my German great-grandfather…)

All of my parents’ six grandchildren have one brunette parent and one red-haired parent. There are blonde, 2 brunettes, and 3 redheads in the bunch, and we’ll soon find out which group the new baby falls into. So I guess we’re doing a little bit better than the genetic odds would suggest as far as continuing the breed.

And in the spirit of adding to the observations, my siblings and I all have medium-to-light auburn hair (not carrotty,) and disappearingly blonde eyebrows.

Also, I seem to recall reading about the advantage of fair skin (and presumably the hair pigmentation that comes along with the skin) a while back: Something to do with an advantage in reproduction in far northern climes with limited sunlight, and the ability to produce more Vitamin D? (Which implies a corresponding disadvantage in more equatorial environments.) So, if the research is correct that the gene variation for red hair appeared about 50,000 years ago, it would have been advantageous in northern Europe during the last Ice Age, I presume?

I don’t know, but NephewPorpentine (born last week) shows definite signs of being a redhead. So there is at least one more generation to come…

It was a sad day for me when I found out that Christina Hendricks from Mad Men wasn’t a natural redhead. Very sad indeed.

My mom’s a redhead. Me and my sister are blondes. We’ve dyed our hair red, but it’s not the same at all. Always wanted to be a real redhead.

This ISN’T a picture thread?

(shuffles away mumbling)

<sigh>Strawberry Blonds</sigh>

Best of Redhead & Blonde combined!