How many replies does it take before a stupid sing-along thread is illegal?

Given that you’re not allowed to post the full lyrics to songs here and such… shouldn’t they be locked immediately.

You’ve hit it! :smiley:

Particle Man, Particle Man
Closing the threads about Particle Man…

Has there ever been a “lyric” thread that didn’t get hi-jacked half way through?

This is in no way an invitation to post the entirety of any copyrighted material, but use a little common sense, would you?

Maybe we should just close all those threads as soon as they get started.

your humble TubaDiva
Happy now?

:: gets out battered old acoustic guitar ::
:: Lights cigarette, inhales. Chokes, gags, puts cigarette out ::
:: warbles ::

How many replies does a sing-along thread
Have before it’s no longer “fair use”?
How many dopers must respond to these threads
before it’s copyright abuse?
How much of M-P-S-I-M-S must be
filled with all these song threads I peruse?
The admins and mods
will close 'em when they can
Tha admins’ll close 'em when they can.

Fenris Dylan

I love you, Fenris.

your humble TubaDiva

::throws rose petals at Fenris::

:: Nods at Tuba and Arden (real early '60’s folk singers don’t acknowledge applause, even from the most fab of people ::

And now, for my next number, in answer to Vanilla’s “How Many Banned?” Thread

:: Strums guitar, tunes it a bit ::
:: warbles ::

Come gather ‘round Dopers from whichever land
And let’s give the mods and the admins a hand
As we bask in their glow we’ll soon all be suntanned*
There’s a battle in here and it’s raging
If they gave up the fight,
this place’d suck like quicksand
For the Trolls, they are a’ banning

Gone Phaedrus, Gone Serlin, Gone NothingButNet
And FatherJohn too, what Troll hasn’t gone yet?
I wouldn’t dare troll, oh no not on a bet!
The fight rages from night into morning.
The flames would reduce you
to charcoal briquettes.
If the Trolls, the Mods weren’t banning

Fenris Dylan to all the Kool Kats and Chicks out there in Modland

*truly gratuitious sucking up.

Umm, this one, which I started on one of my very rare excursions into MPSISMS, and which I will defend against attack for the following reasons:

  1. The song is public domain.
  2. There are probably hundreds of traditional verses and variations, and I wanted to know what ones the Dopers could dig up.
  3. Lots of Dopers composed their own creative verses. (I wish Fenris had done one, now!)
  4. Hi, Opal!
  5. If yer don’t like it, matey, I’LL KEEL HAUL YA!!!

::throws rose petals, kisses, and carefully tosses a hotel room key at Fenris::

::mixes up a fresh batch of plaster for Arden to take to the hotel room with her::

Fenris, I have to say, those lyrics are the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while! Thank you!

Tuba, we’re still allowed to post to threads about our favorite traditional Irish bar songs, yes?

Didn’t say you couldn’t!

your humble TubaDiva

{bellowing with Guinness-scented breath}

*…Aaaaaaand the Black-and-Tans

Like lightning ran


“Give Ireland back to the Irish,
Give Lapland back to the Laps . . .”

your humble TubaDiva
who had some radio dinner

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…just lay me down, in me native peat
with a jug o’ punch, hick at me head and feet…

I have four green fields. One of them likes… er… is in bondage!

*OOooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOoooooo I once knew a Judy in Dublin Town

Her eyes were greeeeeen and her haAAAaaair was brown

Onneeee night I on the graaassss I got her down

And I…*

::kabbes disappears around a bend in the road::