How many servings in one bag of Pepperidge Farm Cookies?


Prior to my recent doctor visit, I’d have said one bag = one serving. Now, sadly, I’d have to say infinite servings in one bag, as I’m on a diet. Sigh.

I decided to average it and pick 3, though in practice it’s pretty evenly split between 2 and 4 servings depending on how hungry I am when cookies seem like a good idea. We are talking about their smaller cookies, right? I’ve eaten half a bag of Milanos but not Montauks or Nantuckets.

There can be only one!

Depends on what you consider a “serving.” I usually take only two or three cookies out of the bag at one time…but that doesn’t mean I can’t go back to the bag ten minutes later! I do usually succeed in not emptying the bag the same day I opened it.

Yeah, I think there should be a separate column on the back:

One Serving / Whole Bag
28g / 252g
Fat: 7g / 63g


Odd. I eat half the bag, whatever size they be.

So the real question is: If the made the bag larger, would continue to eat the entire bag? Or stop after the same number of cookies? What is it that drives you to stop?

I only ever see them at parties, where 6-8 people will end up eating from a single bag of cookies, so I’d say that a bag has 6-8 servings. But they’re always accompianied by many servings of other foods.

What drives me to stop?
The bag is empty, duh.
Make the bag bigger and the answer is the same.
Maybe if the bag were the size of a 40 dog food bag the answer might change, but until that happens, 1 bag= 1 serving.

1/2 if you like that kind of stuff

One. Which is why I don’t buy them.

I read about a study done where they had people eating soup. Some how they rigged it so that they could fill the bowl while they ate without them knowing.

Researchers were amazed how people could keep eating, long past the 8oz serving.

Afterwords they’d ask, “what did you think of the soup.” People would say, “Filling.”

I think it was in one of Michael Pollan’s books, and I probably bastardized the story.

"The volunteers eating out of the “endless soup bowl’” ate 73% more soup than the volunteers who ate from the normal bowl. "

I’m pretty sure it was in Brian Wansink’s Mindless Eating, though I wouldn’t be surprised if Pollan quoted it. Checking the article, I see Wansink was one of the researchers, so that makes sense. :slight_smile:

(I bought smaller bowls and plates - it helps!)

Depends what time of day I open the bag. Morning, afternoon or early evening: probably around 3 servings. Any later, and I’ll just binge down to the last crumb.

I force myself to stop after three of the big cookies. I think that’s one layer in the bag? Yes, I could easily eat the whole bag.

It’s like when we bake cookies. It takes will power not to eat the whole sheet. :stuck_out_tongue:

mmm fresh baked cookies. We still bake Toll House cookies from scratch.

That’s pretty much how I feel, too. A “serving” isn’t very well defined, considering I don’t usually have an all-cookie meal.

They’re part of a complete breakfast!

Unconscious: 4 servings.
Conscious, 1 Serving.

I don’t like Pepperidge Farm cookies, so I have to say zero.