How many slang words for 'coffee'?

I’m not talking about ‘latte’ or ‘cappuccino’ or ‘cafe au lait’, but actual slang words for ‘coffee’. Here are the ones I thought of:

Leaded and Unleaded (Caf and Decaf)

30 weight. (trucker’s venacular)

  • High- or low-octane (for caffeinated and decaffeinated)

  • My morning jolt

  • Caffeine infusion

  • A splash

  • Cuppa

  • Black gold

Reminds me of the old Java Joe coffeehouse, from the days of the Brief Flowering Of Independent Coffeehouses in West L.A, circa 1993. I used to live at Brockton and Wilshire, and there were five or six places within walking distance. Now there’s only one–the first.

Java Joe’s slogan was: “Two names for coffee, one great place”.


Wake-up Juice

Doesn’t “cuppa” mean tea?

It all depends on where you’re from. I’ve heard it refer to both tea and coffee, but coffee often has “joe” tacked onto the end of “cuppa” for clarity’s sake.

Geek Juice

Beta juice (for making beta brain waves)

Jump start

Plug me in

Poop water