How many songs do you carry around with you?

Just curious. I know some people with 2k or more. I have maybe 200 in my car, but I only listen to them once a month or so.

I probably have about the same number in my car at a guess. I listen now and then but lately prefer audio books. I have 2 loaded MP3 players but never take them out any more.

My ipod has about 3k on it, but for my recently purchased iphone, I cut that down to about 700 of my favorites. I just had too much stuff I was skipping over when it was on shuffle.

4059 on my iPhone. I have 15000 in my iTunes but my iPhone doesn’t have the capacity for all of them and I hardly need 15000 songs on-the-go anyway, so I have a playlist of all my favourites which I add to regularly and revise every few months.

Yes, my iTunes is serious business.

My iPhone currently has 3892 on it, and it varies up and down based on what I sync to it. So ~3500 to 4000. This is out of 11779 currently in iTunes, which will shortly be going up by another 15 or so, as an album and an EP have just arrived in the mail and will be ripped tonight.

At the moment I have 1752 on iTunes and maybe 76 on my iPod.

1709 songs on my iphone, out of 4442 on my computer.

I only have 86 songs on my iphone, but that’s because it’s only the back-up for my ipod classic, which has 7,550 songs on it.

8,772 currently on my iPod. There’s still space for quite a bit more, but I haven’t added much in recent months. (Though the latest addition was just a few days ago: the two iTunes exclusive tracks from the Beatles’ Love.)

Just under 16,000 on my 160GB iPod. Even though I’ll never ever listen to them all, I like the idea that I could.

I have 1,927 songs on my iPhone and usually about 5 or more Podcasts. Also a book or two loaded in the Kindle app.

I have a plain old low-ish capacity MP3 player, on which I commonly have about ten albums, which I rotate among the thousands I have at home. But I do carry around thousands of songs on the Ipod in my mind.

2000 on my 16GB iPhone. It’s almost full.

I currently have 1380 songs on my iPod. I actually use it more for listening to podcasts, though.

Around 3,500 right now. I’ve heard almost everything on here, and my next addition figures to be the new Radiohead album this weekend.

41,754 on my main iPod (160 GB)
13,226 on my backup iPod (60 GB)

There may be some duplicates.

I’ve got about 4,000 mp3s on my iPod. Most of those were added via 1) ripping my CDs and 2) Napster / Limewire.
I haven’t added many since I’ve stopped not paying for new songs.

On my (now lost) iPod I carried 8gb worth of music, I have all my music lossless on my computer and then I convert it to mp4.

Currently have 1729 on my Creative Zen that I use primarily here at the office, or on the road if I’m traveling (currently utilizing less than 50% of storage capacity). I still utilize Rhapsody-to-go and have about 14000 in my Rhapsody library, but haven’t added many over the past 6 months or so.

About 3400 songs (it’s a 64gig ipod touch) which would take about 9 days to play. Plus a couple hundred podcast episodes, a couple of movies, and a few music videos.