How many songs are on your Ipod?

How many songs are on your Ipod?

2,488. At the moment. Why do you ask?

I have about 180 songs on my Droid phone, 100 of which are Kesha songs. My computer has more like 1000 or 1500, again with about 100 being Kesha songs.

I got around to putting my CDs on my Ipod and I was reading reviews on Apple’s iCloud and the reviewer mentioned he had 5500 songs and implied that was an average number.

I have 3499, and I was curious what the average Doper had…

556 on my non-iPad tablet (32 GB).

Another couple of thousand on my laptop (200 GB).

About 35,000 on my external hard drive (2 TB).

Most of my data storage is used for videos though.

Not enough, somewhere in the 400 range.

1659 songs on my iPhone. I’d have more, but the rest of my storage is filled with TV episodes (B5) and movies (Army of Darkness, Airplane!). A fraction of what I have on my computer.

26,164 in 141 GB. About none of them are Ke$ha songs btw, the same is true on my computer. I also have a few podcasts, two or three music videos, and one “movie” which is actually the video clip from the Sarah Connor Chronicles where Shirley Manson performed “If I Had My Way” (I also have the Rev. Gary Davis doing it).


Everything from Bach to Lotte Lenya to *Sweeney Todd *to They Might Be Giants to Bix Beiderbecke to Gilbert & Sullivan to Gottschalk to Sophie Tucker.

Anyone who steals my iPod will be hugely confused and disappointed.

No luddite option, I see.

No Ipod. No portable music storage mechanism.

But don’t feel right voting zero

  1. Anyone who steals my iPhone had better be prepared for an earful of electronica.

6,060 songs plus about 80 or so podcasts. 1,631 of the songs are ripped from CDs I own and the rest are subscription tracks.

I have 3 iPods so I have no idea. My iPod Touch doesn’t have much music… mostly classic. My nano is the one I use mostly as my portable music device and I often change my playlist on it. I have an older 30G iPod classic that I keep my permanent favs that usually stays mount on one of my Home stereo or car stereo… or I listen from my iTune library that goes to my home stereo. I have a lots of music… I have to transfer many of my CDs over to iTune yet and also merge my iTune on my old PC to Mac; When I got my Mac I just started a new iTune.

I am a bit of a reactionary Luddite myself, but an iPod is one item I love: self-defense against cell-phone gabbers on the train, and baby-talkers in the office. My IPod has kept me from committing many murders.

Actually, I thought about that. But I really wanted to see what actual ipod users were doing as opposed to who had/didn’t have one.

Not that many. I work at home so my music is mostly in my CD cabinet or on my home laptop.

I have an mp3 player from a different manufacturer, not an ipod. But the idea still stands. Anyway: 1735 per my software.

Sounds like mine. Old radio shows, Kraftwerk, the complete “Ask Dr. Science” library, Tuvian throat singing, the complete works of Bach and Mozart, Gilbert & Sullivan (Patience and HMS Pinafore), and James Earl Jones reading the New Testament. Then there’s the weird stuff …

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26,660 in the Itunes library, 25,573 on the actual Ipod. 15,220 of those are rock/pop.