How many songs are on your Ipod?

Don’t have an iPod. Got somewhere between 9 and 10k on my computer. (Including complete discographies for a number of bands.)

9,074. Way more than I would have guessed.

I don’t have an iPod but I have 21,292 sound files. About half of that is music, the other half is spoken: books on tape, humor, old time radio, etc. Of the half that is music, about half is rock with the remainder being a mix of classical, blues, jazz, etc. Of the rock, my largest collection belonging to one artist is my Van Morrison (don’t judge me!) with number two being Bob Dylan (don’t judge me!) but even combined they don’t amount to more than 5%. I consider my musical tastes to be very refined and eclectic. <insert smug smiley here>

I voted between 500 and 1000 because that’s what I thought I had. After checking it’s a little over 2000. It doesn’t seem like that much.

**eta:**This does not count all of my hundred or so CDs, only a fraction of which I have ripped. I think it’s a hundred or so, I never counted.

Just around 1500 or so. A mix of Swing, Jazz, Punk, Bluegrass, and Psychedelia in with the Rock.

If we’re listing genres…mostly pop and rock, though ranging all around those genres - bubblegum pop to punk to protest rock to some pretty heavy metal. (Plus other stuff, but that’s just to give the range of subgenres.) About half is Japanese (a mix of genres - anime and video game soundtracks, and music qua music of genres ranging from the goofiest of girl groups to heavy metal, touching on virtually everything in between).

  1. But most of them are a lot longer than “songs,” e.g. complete symphonies and operas.


Just checked: 1,911 songs, ranging from “Abacab” by Genesis to “1812 Overture” by the now-nonexistent Leningrad Philharmonic Orchestra (and to think I’d have two-three hundred tops when I was given my first iPod!). Genres include rock, pop, rap, R&B, gospel, classical, soundtracks, national anthems, Tolkien and marches.

7,920. I’d hate to guess how few I listen to on a regular basis, but it’s great when I get the urge to hear something I haven’t heard in a while and it’s right there at my fingertips.


At 50 votes 70% have *at least *1000 songs, and 58% have at least 3000.

Before music was digital and the DJ had to actually spin a disk, I wonder how many songs the average radio station had…

Or Juke Box…

ETA and 20% have at least 10000.