How many subscribed threads have you?

I have my setting to subscribe when I reply to one. But, I often will get tired of certain discussions which fail to continue to hold my interest and unsuscribe. Also, if a thread grows too fast, I will unsubsrcibe to save the ham§sters some grief and just follow it along without the e-mail reminders.

Even with the purging I do tho, I still have 3096 threads on my subscription list.

How about you? Do you subscribe? What type of notification (instant or daily)? Do you purge? How many on your list? Do you ever go back and reread any of the older threads?

I have instant notification, and i have only ever unsubscribed to a few threads. Those threads were usually ones where i just dropped in to make a flippant, tangential, or offhand remark, and didn’t really have any interest in monitoring the ongoing discussion.

Anyway, my number is 2787 threads (out of 6338 posts).

I’ve never suscribed to a thread.

I’ve never subscribed to a thread, either.

I’ve always figured that if you post enough to forget which threads you post to, you probably post too much. Now, I surely don’t mean to offend anyone with that statement, and I’m sure that there are other valid reasons to subscribe, but I’ve just never had any of those other reasons affect me personally.

I subscribed to this thread, because if I’m still around, I plan on resurrecting it in 12/6/2024. :slight_smile:

But that’s it.

No subscriptions yet. What I do, though, is run the “Find all posts by Nature’s Call” query in my profile, then eyeball-scan for the yellow envelopes. I have a bookmark to my profile.

I have subscribed to one thread. It has book recommendations and I subscribed so that it would be easier to find the thread and remember what books I wanted to look for. I suppose I could have just made a list, but that’s way too easy.

243 threads. I almost never delete subscriptions. I remember a pit thread about a vending machine eating $20, which had a follow-up after the thread was “dead” for several months. I would have missed it if not for my subscription.

I was just going through my looking-for-yellow-in-all-posts exercise and discovered that some threads I thought were dead actually have been active. Hey! They had all that fun without me there!

So I guess I’ll try out the auto-subscription option. Do you recommend Daily, Instant, ???

None. Each one a timeless gem.

No notification. Just click on “user cp” madly when you need an update. It works for me. I am subscribed to 310 threads at the moment. Every two weeks or so, I go through and delete all my subscriptions that are more than three months old, unless the thread was particularly interesting or amusing.