How many visitors?

I considered posting this on “About This Message Board,” but it’s not a technical question.

Recently, Nickrz mentioned that there are manny more people who read this message board than the membership would have us believe. Any idea as to how many people (members and lurkers) read this board per day? Just curious.

I’ll pose this question to Dan, our tech guru, and see what he says. I suspect we’ll only have a count of the number of “hits”, not the number of independent people (so that if I sign on twice in one day, I’d count as “two”.)

I wonder if counters work on threads…


Just a harmless counter, don’t worry about it. Now let’s see how many people visit this site a day.

61 in the tewnty minutes or so since you installed it, Louie.

What’s the deal? All I get is a red ‘x.’ I wonder if my access is blocked to Louie’s link.

82 visitors as of 9:16pm Thurday Sept. 16.

Geez, where are the Teeming <blink><font color=“red”>Millions</font></blink> at?

95 at last count.

Teeming Millions? We don’t even have Teeming Thousands! :slight_smile:

“Of course, that’s just my opinion; I could be wrong.”–Dennis Miller

Guess counters don’t talk to Straingers.

Ray (. . .or else it’s sending a kiss.)


I just looked at the code briefly, and claim no mastery thereof, but it appears that the counter is specific to this thread.

Am I reading it right?


Oh :mad: Damn, I knew that number was a little too low. I guess I need to stick it onto other threads. Thanks, beatle.

Last count, 121 as of Friday Sept 17 at 1:02am. As you can see, I’m really bored today.

Looks like 135 hits on this thread - and how manny people posted? A dozen or so.
Draw your own conclusions.

I always post on evey thread I open, except the sex ones.then I play voyeur.with some imagination.

Almost 200 now. (196 to be exact)

For one thread, that’s quite a lot, especially in GQ. Now we need one for each forum or just for the whole board.

“Of course, that’s just my opinion; I could be wrong.”–Dennis Miller

And I just got counted twice for going Back, then Forward, making 210.

Now I’ll see if the jump back makes it 211, and try reloading as well.

Bob the Random Expert
“If we don’t have the answer, we’ll make one up.”

Yes, both reloading and the jump back after posting do step the counter.

Web counters are easy to spoof, but they do give some idea anyway.

Bob the Random Expert
“If we don’t have the answer, we’ll make one up.”

Well, it may not talk to Straingers while they are at work, but the counter works when Strainger’s at home!

After checking the three I know Louie’s installed, I’m starting to think that they are catching all traffic on the MB, not just visits to an individual thread.

There’s this one, one on the thread “How many lurkers” in About this MB and one in the “Psst…hey lurkers” thread on MPSIMS.

The web site has server logs that clear identify how many successful page views there are, how long everyone is here & what they do here too.

As if the number of messages wasn’t a clue.


All traffic on the MB? Nah, I still think there’s more than 100 visits a day on the whole message board.


Where are these server logs at? That is, if I’m allowed to see them.