How many voters in the primaries?

Or; how many people actually voted for mr. Trump?

I’ve done some googling but I have trouble finding a resource that clearly states numbers, not %, about the US primaries.

So: is there a site out there that has a useful summary of actual votes cast?

Here you go (website of USA Today).

CNN election central, if you click on the name of the state, lists the total votes and delegates along with percentage.

for example, click on the calendar, click on Florida, get

Which shows: (prettier than this)
candidate votes % pledged delegates

Trump 1,077,221 45.7% 99
Rubio 636,653 27.0% 0
Cruz 403,640 17.1% 0
Kasich 159,412 6.8% 0

Total votes across the country is meaningless as participation rates vary greatly from state to state. Some allow anyone to vote, other states limt votes to party members.

Here is Politico’s map.

Other interesting sites are

Hmm, my google-fu wasn’t very strong today:(