How many ways are there to sanitize food

Offhand I can think of

Wrapping in airtight plastic (maybe)
using low temperatures
ultra-high temperatures?
adding preservatives (maybe)

there are probably more, what are they?

More homework for the Dopers to do for you?

HowStuffWorks lists
•Refrigeration and Freezing
•Salting, Pickling
•Pasteurizing, Fermenting, Carbonating
•Chemical Preservation

They missed ultrafiltration, high energy sonication, sugaring and probably several dozen less common techniques. Thousand year eggs are tasty, but I’m not sure what preservation scheme they fall under.

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Freezing or refridgeration isn’t technically a sterilization method. It will keep the bugs under control as along as it’s cold, but once you warm it up, they’ll still be there.

A sterilization method should kill any microbes that are present, and while there is some incidental microbial death during freezing, it really doesn’t count. It’s a preservation method, not a sterilization method.

/Microbiologist hat OFF

True. Sterilization, sanitization and preservation aren’t the same thing. What I meant was how many ways are there to slow/stop bacterial growth to lengthen the shelf life of food.