How many White Nationalists are there in America?

Inspired by this thread and by this recent interview with journalist James Ridgeway. By White Nationalists I mean not only those Americans who are active members or supporters of WN organizations, but all who would generally sympathize with the kind of views you’ll find on Stormfront.

We’re talking about more than casual racism here. It’s one thing to feel a certain esthetic or social distaste for persons of certain ethnicities; it’s quite another to form one’s entire political, social, and perhaps even moral and spiritual world-view around concepts of racial identity.

I have no idea on overall numbers. I did know some when I lived in Philly (friends of my ex-brother-in-law) and came across a group of Hammerskins in a bar in Carlisle.

Oddly enough when living in the South I never came across such people.

Here’s a start, at least. The “Christian Identity” movement seems to overlap the white nationalist movement to some extent. The always-reliable Wikipedia quotes an estimate of 2,000 - 50,000 members of Christian Identity churches in the US. I would have preferred an estimate that stayed inside one order of magnitude, but I guess it’s hard to count these guys.

You’d think ADL or the SPLC Intelligence Project (formerly Klanwatch) would have some estimates, but I can’t seem to find any on their websites.

I guess we’ll learn the answer soon enough.

BTW, since last night it is impossible for a nonmember to access Stormfront, due to extremely high traffic.

I’m not sure just why, but this makes me laugh.

I hope you’re not going to invite the Stormfronters in here again. The last time you did that, it was not good for the MB.

That was awful. I thought that’s why we disguise their boardname: So they don’t find us when they google themselves.

I honestly can’t understand why you’re so obssessed with those people, BG. They’re a fringe group of idiots. Remeber internet noise doesn’t reflect real world demographics. Otherwise Snakes on a Plane would be one of the highest grossing movies of all time.