How May I Get Involved in a Humanitarian Cause?

What organizations (religious or non-religious) might a person look into as a US citizen if they are considering volunteering or working for a low or no-paid humanitarian cause, say like going to another country to teach the poor or assist in some other supportive way? Does this kind of work include room and board? I’m particularly interested in short- and long-term projects, months to a year, and it can be within the US as well.

Anyone have knowledge or experience in this area?


Well, the Peace Corps is the classic one, although a lot of people have a hard time getting in and, no offense to people like even sven who I know are serving currently, the people I know who have done it seem more ego driven than otherwise. I’m pretty sure the best way to help people in Africa is either to do what you do well here in the US to make a crapton of money to send them or to support people who have, you know, expertise in water pumping and stuff, or to get some expertise yourself in subsistence agriculture and use your resources as wisely as possible. (I think the Carter Center does a very good job of that, as opposed to assuaging white Americans’ middle class guilt.)

In the US, there are a lot of programs associated with Americorps, some of which are residential.

Thank you, Hello Again, Zsofia, and Rand Rover. I will check into the links you posted — looks like some great places to begin researching.