How might I enable right-clicking?

How might I enable right-clicking on websites which disable right-clicking?

Disabling Java has worked for me.

examples please…
My guess is that you are probably wanting to copy some information that the site prefers you not to?

The Mozilla Firefox browser has an extension called Allow Right Click which lets you do precisely that. I don’t know if IE or other browsers have similar plugins available.

If you just want to copy something, you can simply use Ctrl-C instead. Else, disable Javascript.

CTRL+C didn’t perform in my case, but I downloaded the Firefox extension which worked perfectly.

I was visiting a singles website which disabled the saving of enlarged photos. I don’t have any ulterior plans, except to see these photos when I am not online.

My phone line is my internet is my doorbell.

If yo’u’re using IE, and you can’t right click, cut and paste this into the address bar:


Take out the underscores after “java” and “script” - there are no underscores in this statement.

Click GO then you should be able to right click. If not, it’s not JScript that’s keeping you from right-clicking.

I had no idea you could feed javascript into the address bar.

Don’t worry! All the hackers, virus & spyware writers, etc. do know about this.

Yet another feature provided by Microsoft for our browsing pleasure.

Not at all. And believe me, if I REALLY wanted to do so, disabling the right click couldn’t prevent it. Usually I right click because I want to open a link in another window so that it can begin loading while I finish reading this page.

Perhaps not you. But that is what PurpleB said he WAS doing. I just wanted to make sure that I wasn’t about to promote any copywrite violations and also inform anyone who is thinking about copying stuff off of websites without their approval may be setting themselves up for trouble.

*note-I’m not playing junior moderator or cybercop. I’m just firing off a warning shot to less informed readers that might think…hey cool I CAN copy that. :slight_smile:

Copying stuff from a web page to your clipboard is not a copyright violation.

What about copying stuff off the SDMB that is not your own and using it elsewhere?
Where it goes from a personal clipboard is anyone’s guess.

I’d imagine that this policy is not restricted to this website only.

Exactly. The act of copying some text to your clipboard is fine, but what you do with it after that may be infringement… or it may be fair use, even if the author isn’t happy about it. A webmaster who prevents right-clicking on his pages is just trying to exert more control over his visitors than he’s entitled to.

Then we are in agreement. I was simply letting newbies know that they best be careful. While you were informing them that merely copying stuff wasn’t illegal.
We make a good team. :wink:

As far as saving pictures that won’t let you right-click over them, after viewing them just open your Temporary Internet Files folder, sort by date and they’ll usually be right there as image files.

Windows may tell you its not a good idea to move or copy these files but nothing will happen if you do.

Hope explaining that isn’t verbotten…

By the way, you can also open a link in a new page by SHIFT-clicking it. This is nice because the link changes color as if you had single-clicked it, and you don’t need to bypass right-clicking protection.