How much alcohol until you lose interest in sex?

After I’ve had as little as four beers, I lose interest in sex. I’m just having too good of a time and/or am intoxicated enough that I don’t really care. Now don’t get me wrong - if a naked woman came up to give me a lap dance just after I set down my empty 40oz, I would not turn her away.

Perhaps not coincidentally, beer #4 is about when I’ve noticed a, er, decline in equipment functionality. I may be able to get little Richard entered in the snake race, but he’ll probably never cross the finish line.

Shakespeare once wrote “[alcohol] provokes and unprovokes [lechery]; it provokes the desire but it takes away the performance.” However I find that after too many, neither my desire nor my performance is up to snuff. How 'bout y’all? Does anyone actually get horny when absolutely trashed?

And FWIW I’m male, 25, 6’2" and have a medium build.

I agree. Too much alcohol makes it difficult to perform.

It probably didn’t help that my first sexual experience happened after I spent all night partying, drinking and dancing- by the time we actually got down to business I was drunk and exhausted and struggling just to stay awake :frowning:

Another thing that sucks for me is that when I become intoxicated, I start to go numb. Depending on how tired I was when I started drinking, this can kick in after as little as two drinks. While this ‘numbness’ is great for helping my sore legs feel better after work, it doesn’t really help out my ‘third leg’ if you catch my drift :wink:

I’m 45, 5’8’’, medium-small build and I don’t drink any more. But I’ve never been able to understand that Jimmy Buffett sentiment of “why don’t we get drunk and screw.” When I did drink (I didn’t have an alcohol problem), there was no way I could even get it up after about 3 beers. I don’t get how drunk people could accomplish the act if they were too impaired to drive or speak coherently, or drunk enough to be getting the spins. Alcohol for me seemed to be the antidote to horniness. And who wants that???!

I think I may get hornier when I drink a lot, but I know that the morning after I’ve had way too much I have greatly increased drive. This thread has me remembering such mornings (or middays to be more accurate) going to the supermarket right behind my house and oggling the 4 or 5 young female employees worth oggling. It helps that they are wearing black skin tight leggins.

[sub][homer] mmm, skin tight leggins… urgghllaarrr…[/homer][/sub]

p.s. I don’t go for that reason! (it sounds pervy). I do have a valid reason for going to the supermarket.

Yep, the morning after is definitely the time for plowing and planting seed.

To answer the OP, I lose the ability long before I lose the desire.

::: shrug::: I don’t think I have ever drank that much. :smiley:
Despite consumption of alcohol I have never lost the urge or ability. (yes I did drink a bunch when younger)

I’d have to be passed out not to be interested in sex. But then, I don’t have to worry about getting anything up. :smiley:

The drunken romps I’ve had with my bf are much different than our sober sex. It keeps things exciting when we have the occasional drunk sex.

Loss of urge: No.
Loss of ability: Not so far.
Loss of ability to “finish”: Three to five beers. This is not necessarily a bad thing, although the timing of the explanation of this has been awkward from time to time…

When drinking, I lose interest in sex only after I’ve had enough booze to actually throw up.

The more I drink, the urge goes up, but the ability goes down. Three beers seems to be the sweet spot. More than four, and I’m just no good to anyone.

I have had fine erections and healthy orgasms while quite drunk, which was a lot of intake for me (maybe ten drinks in an evening?). I have yet to be unable to function while soused, unless it was to the point of falling asleep of feeling ill. And I quit drinking a while back, so my sample size is not getting any bigger. Last few times I was in my mid-30’s.

I have no idea if I have the ability to have sex after getting totally sloshed but I can say for certainty that I do not lose interest, even after puking and passing out.

I have never lost interest or ability even after drinking as much as 24 drinks in a few hours. The only time that I would not be able to perform is if I was too dizzy to stand up, actively puking at the time, or passed out.

Alcohol has never impeded the sex drive for me, however sometimes I just can’t act on it. If I’m so drunk I have the spins when I close my eyes, then it’s pretty much all over. I’ll just try to get to sleep.

Otherwise, the motor’s always runnin’. :smiley:

I swear to God I wish I could tell the difference between 3 and 4 beers. The carburator isn’t even primed after that amount. I might skew the curve here but after 12 beers I’m starting to think “Hey, maybe I should work some of this off.”

Of course more often I just make love to my wife and then start the rampage.

Oh, the innocent. Gotta love’m. I would kill to be able to tell the difference between three and twelve beers. After 30 beers though, I am starting to get a little kinky.

With me & my ex-GF, after she had three or four drinks (in less than 3-4 hours), she’d be in the mood & I would totally be turned off. Hence her being my ex-GF & me maintaining my virtue at my advanced age. L

Nope, not bitter here :wink:

I agree with the Shakespeare quote. After a few drinks I’m ready to go and can get wood, but simply can’t feel anything. So I can get started but just can’t get finished. It definitely sucks. However, it’s a small price to pay for the joys of intoxication.

I never lose interest in sex, but my reaction can vary quite a bit: from losing function, having function but inability to complete the task for me, right to finishing faster than Speedy Gonzalos.