Why does booze kill male "performance"?

I’ve often heard/read about men who were too drunk to “perform.” What causes this effect? Does it happen to women?

Alcohol is a central nervous system depressant.

At low levels, alcohol is a vasodilator meaning it expands the blood vessels. Erections are caused by more blood flowing into the penis than coming back out. Wider vessels mean more blood exiting and an inability to become or stay rigid.

Speak for yourself.

This doesn’t explain why GABA-B agonists are both erection inducing but also orgasm retarding.

^^ Pretty much this. Alcohol interferes with your nervous system, which also causes the stumbling, slurred speech, etc. Also, long term alcohol abuse can result in erectile dysfunction.

However, alcohol also reduces inhibitions, so the more you drink, the more you want to do it but the less able you will be to do so.

It giveth the desire but taketh away the performance…MacBeth.

Yes, it happens to women too.

In my personal experience there seems to be an amount of alcohol that actually helps in the stamina department but if you go past this then you get the dreaded “whiskey dick”. If I drink between 4-5 beers I can come to attention quickly and really enjoy it and I’m just having a relaxed buzz and my stamina increases. If I keep drinking after this past a certain point it becomes increasingly difficult to get it up and perform, and the frequent need to urinate doesn’t help matters.

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