If you are drunk or stoned when you ejaculate are your sperm drunk & stoned also?

Just curious. Assuming drugs are carried everywhere by your bloodstream do they effect sperm performance or behavior if you ejaculate into a fertile woman’s vagina when drunk or stoned? In other words do your sperm get “stoned” also?

Well, regarding being stoned, assuming you mean on marijuana, that’s basically a matter of THC binding to certain receptors in neurons in the brain. So it’s a central nervous system phenomenon. I think the same would apply to most other drugs (central nevous system stimulants and depressants). Not sure about alcohol, actually, but I think it’s the same deal.

Friday Weird Science: Cannabis and sperm, gettin the semen high

Alcohol hinders having a baby through IVF.

There are effects on both males and females, but the male effect would likely be on sperm.

Whoops. Sorry.

they can’t swim a straight line.

You’ve got to be drunk and stoned to try to penetrate a female a gazillion times your size.

Being drunk or stoned enhances the sperm’s performance just as it enhances the man’s social interactions that lead to the copulation.

There probably a way to work “No left turn unstoned” into this.:cool: