how much are goopy apex seals?

I have a blog, and one of its features is that it will daily report to you the top searches which landed people on your blog. It is frequently amusing to read. Also humbling. One day one of the terms was “fat.”

Well, yesterday I was greeted with this information under Top Searchs —

how much are goopy apex seals

Now, I have no doubt during the course of my blog-writing that I may have, individually, written each of the above words. “Goopy” in particular sounds like me. So, I can understand that my blog might be one of the hits one might get by typing in these words. But my question is, why?

Why would anyone be seeking goopy apex seals? I have enough trouble with the plump and firm apex seals I’ve got, without going out looking for the goopy ones fer chrissakes.

And, if such an item is on someone’s list, however it ended up there, why would it be presumed there would be some sort of cost attached? Seems to me you could just go out and scoop up the sticky blighters.

And why apex seals? What about the poor nadir seals? No love for them?

These my friends are the great questions of our time.

You don’t have an RX-7 or RX-8, do you?

No, why? They got goopy apex seals?

Goopy Performance.

  • sigh * Too mundane. Too, too, mundane. I had such high hopes for goopy apex seals, too.

Where’s Amazon Floozy Goddess when you need her? She’d make an awesome cartoon out of it!

I believe the sale of goopy apex seals is illegal since they are … an ENDANGERED SPECIES:eek:

Only if you club them.

takes a seat in the “profoundly disappointed by the explanation” section.

Of course, we don’t know why they ended up with your blog, even if what they’re looking for exists…

I’ve had some weird Google terms find me, too, like:

a picture of a diary cow with staring eyes (This came from Denmark. I have no idea what a ‘diary’ cow is.)

was calvin coolidge embalmed?

elizabethan collar for trees

This is what the Google search revealed and, presumably, intrigued the goopy seal searcher enough that he clicked on it and got shoes. Shoes. Ellen going on and on about shoes.

Hey, it’s what I do best. :smiley:

Of course now the top goopy seal result on Google is this very thread. We shall confuse the seal-seeking masses.