How much are nursing home and/or assisted living costs where you live?

And if you’re so inclined, you might indicate roughly where you live.

I’ll go first. A month’s assisted living for my parents is $10,000 but they get a $300 discount for sharing a room. So $9700. We’re all in Oklahoma.

It depends on the level of assisted living. For example, my MiL’s room, with all meals, laundry, and cleaning service, plus activities was $3100. Adding in medication management and administration, the cost went to $3400. She had a fall, and the facility started checking on her every 2 hours, assisting her to the bathroom if needed, assisting her with bathing, and it went up to $5000. If she needs even more help, the costs will keep going up. We’re in the SF Bay Area, but the outskirts.

This thread reminds me that I need to research senior care insurance policies for me and my husband.

I didn’t have a level of care option when we signed my parents up but they get all of the services that you mentioned.

They also had a long term care policy which was an absolute godsend because there’s no way that we could have paid for their care while we were waiting the 6 months for Medicaid to takeover. And yes, in Oklahoma, Medicaid pays for assisted living. I think that we’re somewhat unique in that regard. In most states, Medicaid only pays for nursing home care.

Their policy maxed out at $54,000 for the two of them so read the details carefully if and when you start looking.

My MIL was full-on nursing/close care the last year of her life. We got some breaks due to her religion and all but it was still around $6500 a month. PA say 6 years back.

unfortunately, I’m about to start learning about these costs, and very quickly. :frowning:

So I’d like to add a question to this thread:
in addition to asking how much is your ongoing monthly payment, I’d like to know how much you paid as a lump sum for the original “purchase” of the apartment? And how much of that purchase price is refunded if you no longer use the apt (i.e. you die), after a couple of years?

My 85 year old mom, in the Netherlands, still lives at home. The county government provided her with a free stairs-elevator so she can live at home longer. She gets a couple hours of cleaning help, meals on wheels and some volunteer help.

I’m lucky. So far.

With my parents, the only upfront cost was ~$300 for an “evaluation” that was non-refundable. They only pay rent and had to pay for the month before moving in.

I was under the impression that assisted living is about 5k per person per month while nursing home care is 10k per person per month.

Nursing homes in mexico are closer to 1-2k a month. No idea about assisted living.

My 99 year old mom lives in assisted living near Ventura, California. $6000/month. It’s more if they need special care for dementia, but she is doing pretty well in that regard.

Supposedly the “average” in St. Louis is $3,500, but that’s pulled down by the religious-subsidized places like** kopek **mentioned. The for-profit place I know of here - which is considered to be pretty close to the bottom of the barrel - is $4,100. When you get into Memory Care, as opposed to basic assisted services, costs go way up quickly.

Recently looked into this in TN. $6500 per month for memory care, $3000-$3500 for assisted living.

My mother in law lives in a beautiful new nursing home on South Wales (UK). She is wheelchair bound and needs round the clock care, two people to take her to the toilet etc. Her monthly care costs £2600 ($3330) - and now that her savings are below £26,000, the council pay for her care, including bed and board.

Obviously she gets medical care free on the NHS. And the doctor’s surgery is next door.

actually calif has something to stall you putting a loved one in a place its called "in-home supportive services " which i think they have adopted in other states also In Home Supportive Services

Prices from different locations but all within Navarre and Euskadi.

Apartamentos tutelados: for people who would rather not live on their own but who are basically independent. Some are in buildings which are completely dedicated to this service; others are normal-but-small flats rented with this specific purpose. Prices can range from cheaper than a normal flat the same size for the last ones (500€/month furnished and all inclusive vs. 800-900€/month for the bare flat) to quite expensive for the ones with 24h nurse service, gym, language classes, history lessons… (I know my uncle was paying 1200 for a 1B a couple of years ago).

Residence, with individual or two-people bedrooms, physical therapist, next to a park with “exercise while you soak in the sun” machines; some rooms with full medical equipment. Between 900€/month for unassisted and 1800€/month for fully-assisted (can’t walk, can’t dress, can’t move from bed to wheelchair or from wheelchair to armchair unassisted).

My mother could pay for any of them just from her pension and still have more disposable income than Littlebro’s family; she gets the highest widow’s pension (public pension system). Someone whose income doesn’t reach is supposed to liquidate assets before asking for financial assistance.

Medical, nursing, etc. are fully covered.

Hospital-at-home: the actual medical stuff is fully covered (this can include machines loaned by the hospital, along with the medication, nurse and doctor’s visits, etc.). Additional assistance such as someone to help you move the patient around is not.

Mom currently has two ladies working for her. One goes to her house two hours, three times per week; she mainly cleans, irons and cooks (Mom hasn’t cooked for the last two years unless we now count salads as “cooking”). Her niece goes M-F morning and night except on Wednesday night, for about half an hour each time, to help Mom get dressed and be at hand if she needs help undressing (she usually doesn’t, but she feels safer and so does the rest of the family). 15-20€/hour; the aunt is legally set up as self-employed, the niece doesn’t make enough to have to report it.

My Dad spent some months in nursing homes & assisted living a few years ago.

Nursing home: ~$10K/month. At the time, this was paid for by his insurance, until they decided he was well enough to go home, even though he could not get out of a chair on his own much less care for himself, and he lived alone. This was a horrible facility; they were dreadfully understaffed. He shared a room with an Alzheimer’s patient who had the TV on at all times (all night). If it got turned off, roommate would wake up and turn it on. They’d put people in wheelchairs and leave them in the hallway outside their room for hours. They weren’t bad people, but they were horribly understaffed. It was hellish and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

Assisted Living: ~$5500/month. Luckily he had the assets that he could pay for this for a couple months until he got the care he needed to go home. Basically a hotel room in a pretty nice facility, with round-the-clock care. All food and some transportation was provided. Food was not great, basically the lowest-common-denominator type of food that folks will all the various gut problems that old people have could tolerate. The care was decent, but sometimes slow as they were horribly understaffed. He hated it.