How much debt do you have?

Credit cards, student loans, mortgage, etc…add it all together, and how much do you owe? Private poll is coming…

  1. I’ve paid off my mortgage and have always bought every car I’ve owned for cash.

Take away the mortgage and I have $0 debt. Should be done in two years, can’t wait for $0!!

I paid off all my debt this year, except my mortgage. So, I’m still over $500,000. But I have refinanced to lower rates. I did enjoy paying off all the credit cards.

$250,000 - $300,000

It’s all house. Everything else is paid for.

I owe about $30K on my house. No other debt and sufficient funds in 401K/IRA to pay off the house and pay the taxes and insurance for 10 years.


What’s currently on the credit card, and that’ll be paid off as soon as I get moving expenses out of the way. ~$350

As I use the credit card for convenience and pay it off a couple times a month, it doesn’t count.
So, nothing.

Less than $1000. But as I am going back to school in the fall, that’s going to change pretty quickly.

$200K mortgage, but the house is worth 3 x that, and I could even pay it off today if I wanted to. But my investments make more than the mortgage rate, and I think we might refinance once again. Nothing else.

About 50K, all of it student loans and my car. Gonna be a long time paying all that off.

$125-$150k but it’s something like 90% mortgage with a car payment making up much of the other 10%

Strange question. I’m currently carrying a mortgage, but could pay it off many times over if I chose (in fact, I’m currently deciding if I should, I like not having a mortgage, but the interest is low enough that i can get those gains pretty safely elsewhere. I like the tax writeoff, but i dont like the cash flow hit. Monday I decide one way, and by Tuesday I have changed my mind) have credit card debt, paid in full every month, but it’s debt.

I could have a million dollars in debt, but if it’s offset with ten million in assets, is that informative?

Between $1,000 and $3,000. A bit closer to $3,000.

it is a shade over 10,000, but next week’s pay check will make it a shade under 10,000. Close enough that I answered less than 10K

Nothing, and we had more than enough in the bank, and a large enough credit line (we pay off every month) to put a new car on my credit card and pay it off as soon as the bill came.

It was 0, then I went back to school. sigh

Mine’s about half that, but yeah. About $14,000 to go on student loans, a bit less than $8,000 on my car, and less than $1000 other debt all together. I will happily take on more debt in a year or so if it means getting a mortgage, though.

Just the mortgage, which is about $98K. But the house is worth more than that, so my net assets are positive. I’m in a much better situation than I was after college when I only owed a couple thousand on a credit card, but didn’t have any assets at all. Saying I carry more debt now really misses the point.

None. My wife made me pay off what was left of the mortgage on the house (about $400K) about a year ago. With the mortgage rates the way they are today, and the tax writeoff, it would be better to have the mortgage, but she needed it for her peace of mind. I guess that’s worth it :slight_smile: