What is your debt load right now?

How much Debt do you have? Or on the wonderful flip side, how much Not in debt are you.

I owe:

17000$ car
6000$ Credit Line
1000$ Credit Card

I have:

3000$ in long term savings
1800$ in pocket

So my debt total is 19200$ if I did my math right. I’m paying it off at a rate of 1000 - 1500$ a month.

About -$42,000 from college. The amount in my bank account is a laughable pittance.

$0. And I’m on track to graduate from undergrad in the spring without any debt, though not much in the bank, either. All praise to financial aid and low rent in rural areas, and my parents who covered what was left.

Mortgage: $20k

That’s it. I own my car, although it will probably need to be replaced in 2-3 years. I actually have the savings to easily pay off the mortgage, but people keep telling me this isn’t a good idea. But I’m sorely tempted just to be at zero, if only for a while.

Student loans: $1,500
Credit Cards: $600

I guess that’s it. Not too shabby. Technically I could easily pay it off today and I should but I like paying it down gradually for some reason.

$240k on my mortgage at 5.125% (working on a refi right now at 4.35%).
$25k in grad school loans at 1.75% - not worth it to pay off.

Nothing else carries month-to-month.

Credit card: $1000. And that’s temporary, incurred last week, gone next week. I have no onther debt. And that has been a huge comfort these past months.

Roughly $9,000 on a car, about $2,000 in credit card debt, and $1,000 on an emergency loan.

It was just the car as recently as three months ago.

$0, and putting nearly 60% of my take home into savings/retirement funds. Admittedly, my pay is quite mediocre, but far for than enough for a single guy with a very modest lifestyle.

Actually, a good friend of mine owes me $4500, since he figured interest is going to have to be paid and it may as well go to me instead of a bank, so technically I have negative debt. People owe me!

Nothing but the monthly basics. Rent, lights, that sort of thing.

Well, of two cars, we have one car payment. We also own three separate properties, but two are investment properties that earn us money (and the third is on its way to being that).

We have zero credit card debt, I’m happy to say! :slight_smile:

$15K on the house.
$0 in CC
$0 in car

$100K in savings.

So at the moment, we’re in the black to the tune of about $85K


315k on a 390k house (year 8 of a 30 year fixed loan)
5k on credit cards (always seems to revolve around $3k, a little higher now around xmas)
8k on one car
5k on another car

Various 401k, government retirement, etc on the black side of the column.

$405,000 mortgage
$31,000 car loan
$19,000 vacation home
$12,000 student loans

$467,000 total - nothing over 6%
Other than that, we’re debt free! Weeeee!

About $180K in mortgage, but $30K of that is to my wife’s father, who is 93. Since she is the only child, we’re more or less paying ourselves.

Some small amount of education loans for our younger daughter - officially hers, but we’re going to pay. We’ll pay off the high interest loans pretty quickly.

No credit card debt. (Except for about $700 zero interest debt to Sears for our TV last Christmas. Can pay this immediately if we wished to.) No car debt.

Retirement and other savings much greater than the debt, including mortgage.

Zip, zero, zilch.

Unless you count the couple thousand on my credit card that I charge every month and pay it off every month, $0. Mortgage long since paid, bought my car (likely the last I will ever buy) for cash.

But I would give it all up for a chance to start over at 20.

Doing some quick and dirty math which may or may not be completely accurate, it looks like we owe about $115,000 more than we’re worth (mortgage, car loan, and line of credit vs. RRSPs*, stocks, and equity), which isn’t bad in a city where your average property sells for almost half a million dollars. We’re looking at going deeper into debt on the line of credit to buy more stock in Jim’s employee-owned employer; we’ve been leaving a lot of money on the table with their share returns being 65%+ the last couple of years.

*I think you guys call them 401k’s.