How much did Obama break out of traditional voting blocs in the last election?

[Could this be a GQ? Hrm.]

I saw mention of an article by someone at the National Review stating that with the stimulus package, Obama is taking a huge blow. The argument is something along the lines of “the magic is gone,” that he’s exposed as just another Democratic president with a liberal agenda.

My first thought was, a vast number of voters consider that a GOOD thing. My next thought was, whether or not it IS a good thing depends on whether Obama got a significant number of people who otherwise wouldn’t have voted for a Democratic/liberal candidate to vote for him.

So how did he do in that arena last November? Was this a party-line election, or was this support for him something unique that he’ll never get back? (What I mean is, despite the NR article’s belief, if he DID transcend party lines and ideology, then ANY agenda he had would most likely disappoint a good number of his voters. In that case, “losing the magic” would be inevitable.)

Re: stimulus - Obama does not write bills. He is the President.

His leadership on the matter is sub par and he lost points for it.

His approval rating dropped to under 60% because of his incompetence.