How much did the classic 1970s Frisbees weigh?

The question is in the title. Were they 130 grams? I have a couple of 175 g ones, and they seem big.

I suppose it depends on whether you’re talking about a licensed trademarked capital-F Frisbee or not. Even in the early '70s I remember seeing knockoffs in all sizes, even some huge ones that were maybe 18-24 inches across?

I found one reference that suggests they were 10" and 130 grams, but it’s not entirely clear whether they are the dimensions for the original Frisbee or something branded an “Original Frisbee”

The “Master Tournament” model was around 150g

It was replaced by the “World Class” 80 mold–the standard version was 165g

There were/are a whole bunch of different models/mold numbers with different sizes/profiles/weights but these two were the best choice for playing catch for stability and distance throwing.

Aye, 150g and 165g were the norm back in the day; 175g is the norm for Ultimate now, IIRC.

The 150 g looks like the ones I used to play with.

Frisbees come in a range of weights. Heavier discs (165g in the day) for ultimate, lighter ones for guts (110g, you’d probably kill someone playing guts with a 165), freestyle, MTA (maximum time aloft), etc. I definitely remember having.119g in addition to a couple165g.


This is more games than arts. Moving.

Yeah, I used them as a rolling tray many times. :smiley:

My memory was the 140g basic Frisbee (all sport?). Back then, though, the best one to get was the 150g Master, which seemed so heavy back then and seems so light and flimsy now that I mostly throw 175G Discraft discs.

Did they really trademark “165 G.”?

I had to google that.

I just checked, and the Frisbee I have in my office is 180 g. The glow-in-the-dark one here at the house is 175 g.