How much did the Transformer Toy Omega Supreme cost in 1985?

Retail. I couldn’t find it with my Google-Fu.

According to this site, $50. That was going to be my guess from a sketchy memory.

Mine still runs, the last time I tried batteries in him. I should really get around to selling him sometime…

More than my parents could afford.

I remember a friend had one and it was frickin’ awesome.

So, like $105 in 2012 dollars.

I had a large box under the tree that year, hoped it was Omega, it was a soccer ball. Not bitter, I just wondered if the wish was even feasible. At that price, likely no. But by Christmas 88 or 87 I scored a NES with the track pad and gun, so no complaints.

This page lists it as $40

Of course now I’m going to end up spending the next hour looking at the old stuff that I wanted as a kid:) (But that would be more early 80’s)

OMG I had that toy! My brother got Fortress Maximus! Actually, I used to have quite the collection of Transformer toys. That is until my cousin broke them all because he couldn’t figure them out.

Whatever, his life sucks now.

My parents bought me Go-Bots.

It took a long, long time to forgive.

At least yours were plural. My transforming robot/vehicle collection consisted of exactly one GoBot.

I got Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots.

I had mostly Go-Bots, but also a few Transformers that I picked up from garage sales, and played with them all together (never mind the scale difference). What was awkward, though, was that I had both Optimus Prime and Leader-1, but didn’t have either of the villain leaders.

But that’s an opportunity! You could have done a much more realistic play-analysis of the disagreements between two good men, rather than relying on the hoary old trope of good vs. evil!

Optimus : “I think we need to find new sources of Energon, and protect the humans.”

Leader-One : “What he said, but at half the cost.”


An old college friend of my dad’s bought me Jetfire for Christmas one year, completely unexpected by everyone, and of course was, as far as I cared, the hero of Christmas.


I hope this post gets cited next time someone complains about being modded for a political jab in GQ, when other people get away with it all the time :).

The kid who had [del]Macross[/del]Jetfire in my grade school class was greatly envied. Shockwave was the biggest one I ever got my parents to get me. I broke the end of his laser arm the first time I pulled the gun muzzle off to transform him.