old toy identification

When I was little I had a favorite toy that I have not seen anywhere since. I only have a vauge memory of it but heres what I remember. It was a battery powered robot type thing that had tank-type tracks for movement on its back. I think it must have “transformed” in order to use them for movement. I was young when I recieved it as a gift so the would guess the time period would be around the late 70’s.

Does this description ring a bell for anyone?

Well I was 10 in 1969, and you describe several of a variety of toys I can remember. Possibly a little more in the say of description. What color was the robot type thing? Was it a metalic color? Did it have big red eyes the lit up when you turned it on? Did it shoot anything? It wasn’t part of early transformers/motorized gobots right?

DOH :smack: I was born in 1969…So I was 10 in 1979 :slight_smile: It’s early here yet…Coffee’s on though :smiley:

Omega Supreme?

Did it have a shiney, silver head?
If so, it was part of the Micronaut line.

I’d go with Micronauts, the pre-cursor to Transformers, and they were huge in the late 70’s. http://www.bugeyedmonster.com/toys/micro/

You guys are the best! I’m pretty sure sure this is it…

My quest is completed!