Name this early 1970's action figure toy

Hey guys, found myself thinking about a favorite toy from my youth the other day and was wondering if anyone could help me recall the name of the toy, so I could perhaps try and find some pictures ala ebay or something.

The toy:
About a foot tall, robotic, mostly white with a silver humannoid head. His limbs were attached and articulated by orange, removable plastic, nut/bolts. He had a removable, motercycle-esque helmet, big black feet (rectangles really) and an orange baton/ sword thing.
He also came with a motorized scooter thing which he could stand on with a string winch on the front.

I think he may have had some red and blue trim, but that may just be my fuzzy memory.
This strike a bell with anyone? It probably came out circa 1974-76.

Thanks for the help with the memories.

You got me on that one. At first I was thinking “Gigantor”, then I read your description further and decided “Not”… Try searching on eBay. Chances are good that if it was around back in the 70’s, someone on eBay has it for sale

That was Mighty Max . I was really disappointed when I got him because I thought his jetpack would actually make him fly like it did on the commercial.

Since you geniuses sorted out the OP’s question, and since the OP I thought was refering to a toy I’ve been looking for until it mentioned the scooter thing.
I had a couple of sci-fi humanoid action figures in the mid 1970s. There was a ‘good’ one which had translucent skin and a human shape, with metalic colored parts under the skin. And an evil one, with black translucent skin, a chest cavity that opened to reveal a plastic missile firing block, and robotic head. Both of these had removable and replaceable arms legs and head, the good guy could replace an arm with a squeezy water pistol laser weapon, the bad guy had a arm mounted plastic missile shooter, and several other neat cyber weapons. I don’t think they were linked to any tv series or comic. Bought them from a K’s catalog in the UK with the help of Mom and a few months pocket money in the mid 1970s.
Anyone got any idea what this toy was called…

Hey Bippy, google “Micronauts” i think this is what you are looking for.

Does anyone remember a six-legged walking green dinosaur-like alien (somewhat resembled a protoceratops) which had a light sensor on it’s front? I think it came with a ‘laser rifle’ that you could use to shoot the sensor, which would make it stop, make sounds, and I THINK (not sure on this last bit) flash lights in it’s eyes? I had one and I thought it was cool, and now I’d like to know what the hell it was. I think my parents got it for me used because I don’t remember the gun that came with it, I always used a flashlight.

Oh, I forgot to add, this walking light-sensitive dinosaur was kinda big, maybe 18" long at least (I was little too and it seemed bigger than that), and it had to be made in the late 70s, MAYBE early 80s but I’m pretty sure it was older than that.

The evil one sounds like Android, the good one would be Cyborg.

I had a Cyborg but not Android. The evil one I had was Muton and the Amulak outfit to dress him in.

Wow Kal you’ve got them. I suppose I should have guessed they were Japanese being as they were very cool and futuristic. Mine both died in Chemical accidents in the end, but not without parts being salvaged and made into spacecraft parts and whatnots.
Thanks a bundle.

That’s the one, alright! Man, that brings back some memories.
I love the spec sheet from that link where they point out the selling points of the toy:
Lance: Attach to the back of the Maxi-Mobile…
Shield: Used with the Maxi-Winch, this helps…
and most curiously,
Foot. :smiley:
Just foot.
No flying jetpack, but definately comes with foot.

Guess they figured we kids of the 70’s had lower expectations from our toys.

Thanks so much, Sampiro, for identifying that.