How much did you pay for your turkey?

$25.30 & 15.5lbs. Yep. Could have got one at Safeway for $4.99. Ours is supposed to be ‘all natural’ & hasn’t been frozen yet either.

MIL is cooking this year so she got the bird - I have no idea what they’re going for around here.

Back when I lived in Utah, we raised turkies. Those were the days my friend. Best goddamn THanksgiving and Christmas dinner ever.
Anyway, I ended up buying 2 20 lb turkies for $20 at Albertsons. It was “buy one get one free” deal.

Nothing. My employer gives a free turkey (or tofurkey) to each employee. However, since I don’t need 23 lbs. of bird for 3 people, I’m giving mine to a homeless shelter.

Nada here, also. the nice folks i pretend to work for while i post to the SDMB bought us all one. good people.

Spent not a penny…the grocery store gives 'em away free if you spend x amount of money on groceries the previous 4 weeks. My 13.78lb. bird would have cost $12.26 (.89 a lb.) if I’d paid for it. I haven’t had to buy a turkey for years. Sometimes I’ve earned a bird at two stores, and been invited to my brother’s house to eat, so the local food kitchen gets them.

We got a 17 lb. Jennie-O turkey for free, due to our being loyal Kroger shoppers.

I paid 22.59 for a Honeybaked Smoked Turkey Breast - only about a 3 pound breast though… so I got a 14 lb ham too… yummy

$34 for a 23 pound free-range turkey. It had better be good. :slight_smile:


Ok i’m in the UK and we don’t celebrate Thanks Giving. But Turkey is a traditional part of out Christmas day menu.

Apparently my dad will be getting a 22lb Turkey for free as a Christmas bonus, the only question is, will it fit in the Oven?

Along with many of you other “loyal shoppers”, we got our turkey for free!

Can’t wait 'til they start giving away cookware and dishsets!

Oh, that smell? It’s the heady aroma of sarcasm wafting in from that last line.

“Ok i’m in the UK and we don’t celebrate Thanks Giving.”

Sure you don’t call it the Fourth of July instead? :slight_smile:

My local store gve me the turkey for buying
–bread crumbs
–green beans

If I had paid it would’ve set me back 12.95–or just about what the above items cost all put together

Not a cent. Where Mr.Silky works, they give out turkeys on Thanksgiving and ham for Christmas.

What used to be really cool was when we both worked at the same company and brought home two turkeys for Thanksgiving. We usually froze and saved the other for Christmas since the cheap-asses didn’t give us any freebies for that day. (This was a joke. We did get Christmas bonuses, which were way better than a stupid ham.)

I paid $15 for a 22.5 lb Norbest. $10 off on one 18 lbs or more.

I paid $5 for some chicken breast. They didn’t have any turkey breast at the grocery store and I don’t need a whole turkey for one person, so I don’t get to have any turkey. :frowning:

$6.00 and a coupon for a 20 pounder.

$4.78 for a 21 pounder.

um, $45 for a 25.34 pounder. all natural, free range, minimally processed and never frozen. worth every penny. man oh manischewitz, do i loves me some turkey. btw, dont listen to whoever said dont baste your turkey in another thread. gots to baste or the breast dries out.

Sixteen pounder for free with a coupon.