How Much Do Breasts Weigh?

Inspired by the ‘‘bouncing breasts’’ thread.
And utterly serious.

I’ve been wondering this for a while, trying to figure out the appropriate weight for my height. I don’t think those charts on BMI are really accurate for me (because breasts are mostly fat, right?), and to guess accurately I need a rough estimation of how much extra weight I’m carrying around.

Anyways, so how much do breasts weigh? At what proportion of the total weight are things considered normal, or does it vary wildly from person to person? AAA to DDD, what kind of poundage are we talking here?

I was told (by a friend about to undergo a mastectomy) 5-10 pounds for a pair of breasts, depending on size.

Can we get a link to the ‘‘bouncing breasts’’ thread?

Can we get a link to the bouncing breasts?

Hey, that bouncing breast thread, anyone got a link?

Jiminy Crickets! 20 pounds? That would suck.

Thread link. Not quite as uplifting as you might have hoped.

The OP (and anyone else who is interested) can get an estimate of their breast weight by using a kitchen scale, as follows:

I guess the researcher must have had very specific tastes in the mammary department to arrive at that estimate. Let’s hope his limited horizons don’t invalidate the instructions as described above.

Actually I prefer this method:

Is that Archimedes Principle in action by any chance?
Cite (Question 39).

Yes – the volume in litres will be the approximate mass in kilograms. (See why the metric system is so useful!)

True Story:

The Landlord of my local had a mother with a “canny set of lungs” as we’d say. One day a bloke asked if she’d ever had them weighed. On saying that she hadn’t, blokey grabbed onE in each hand…


Ok, now I must call shenaingans on the 15 - 23 pound answer. if water volume rougly equals breast volume, a 10 pound breast would be 20 cups of water in volume, or a gallon and a quarter. Gallon-size is considerably beyond all but the very largest breasts.

15-23 lbs for a D???

How much would a DDD be then? :eek:

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He shoots… He scores :slight_smile:

No way. I haven’t seen a D cup in many years - I think I’m somewhere around an “I” by most charts, but most charts aren’t very accurate at my size.

Anyway, I’ve always wondered this myself, and since I have this scale sitting on my dining room table right now…
7.2 pounds each. They’re a little too wide to get a good read on together, but that should make 'em around 14 or 15 pounds. That’s measured by sitting in a chair next to the table, lifting up a sister and setting it down on the scale - where it rests with a flat bottom and I don’t feel the weight tugging at me anymore. Short of the volume method (which is too messy and noisy for me to attempt while the baby’s sleeping in the next room), I think it’s a pretty accurate read.



Do go on.

And they’re not mostly fat. When boys get boobs, that’s fat. Female mammaries evolved with a purpose - and there is all kinds of stuff in there in order to facilitate that purpose.

Depending on BMI, there could be a lot of fat, too. But they don’t start out as fat.

CITE: any physiology text you choose

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A girlfriend and I did an unscientific experiment about breast weight about ten years ago. She got on the scale, and we noted what it read. Then I, standing on the floor behind her, cupped them and lifted. There was about a 5 pound drop on the scale. She had C cups.

15-23 pounds for a pair of Ds. WhyNot claims 7.2 apiece. 14.4 for her pair. She must have some pretty small Ds. :smiley:

ETA. Oh. She says she’s Is. My bad. :cool: