Serious question for large-breasted women

Do your breasts shrink disproportionally when you lose weight, or do they maintain about the same relation to the rest of your body?

The smaller I am, the bigger my boobs are. (i.e. my boobs stay the same size regardless of the size of the rest of me).

I lose back fat and fat around the tissue and some extra in the chest… But overall, what’s there is staying, and, although my has decreased, my cup has increased.

So I counted that as I’ve lost more or less proportional… but due to sizing, they’re “bigger”.

**[science]**The weight loss rate of breast tissue is dependent on how much of it is actual mammary tissue and how much is fat. Mammary tissue isn’t effected by weight loss.

Mammary tissue decreases after menopause, so weight loss then is more likely to cause breast sagging than it does during fertility.[/science]

[anecdote]When I was younger. I lost fifty pounds. Before I wore a size 38 DDD. They were hard to find. I was so happy when I lost the weight, because I could get a more common bra size. NOOOOooo. I was then in a 32 DDD, which was IMPOSSIBLE to find for less than $100. :smack:[/anecdote]

When I lost 70+ lbs, I went from a 42DD to a 34D.

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When I went from overweight to normal weight, my cup size stayed the same (DD). When I went from normal to skinny, they went down to C-D.

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I find that my boobs barely go down as well. As others have said, my back size goes down but that’s about it. I wear a 38 G at the moment, and most stores don’t go up that high which is a pain. I am losing weight and I expect that sooner or later, my cup size will go down a bit (At least some of it MUST be fat because I am overweight) but no movement yet. I was wearing D cups by twelve, so I think I must just be destined for big boobs.

Totally agree on that one!

My boobs are highly dependent on my body weight. When I was really skinny in high school, my boobs were 32A/B. Then I gained some weight and was “normal” and my boobs were 36C. Now I’m a bit overweight and my boobs are 42D. Last time I lost some weight (about 50 lbs), I went from 46DD to 40C. I’ve gained a little of it back and it went straight to my boobs.

My husband is a boob man and he likes rounder women. As long as I stay round, my boobs will stay big. And we’re both happy with that. He’s helped me come to terms with the fact that I don’t need to be anorexic like I was in high school to be sexy to him. He’s a great guy.

Regardless of my size, I have large breasts; they always stay relatively proportionate to the rest of me, but I never change more than one cup size via weight loss/gain.

I’m flat-chested, but interested in boobs/bra fitting so have discussed breasts with many women of many different sizes and ages.

It seems there is no reliable pattern with weight gain and loss, aging, and changes during and after pregnancy and breastfeeding. Some women see big changes in their boobs with weight changes (sometimes losing their boobs entirely or getting huge ones with just a bit of weight gain)… some always stay the same proportion… some will not lose weight from the chest at all even with weight loss of 40 lbs or more! Some women get huge boobs when they have kids and they never leave, some lose most of the fat in their boobs after kids. Etc.

I think it’s entirely individual, but influenced by genetics of course.

I remember seeing an Oprah show and a then fat Oprah was looking at a video of herself when she had lost all the weight and she looks down and her breasts, which were now back and large and says 'What happend to them" :slight_smile:

They have always been out of proportion to the rest of my body.

The only time I’ve really lost weight was after pregnancy. That is not a time when you’re losing inches in your bustline even if you are losing it elsewhere.

My sister lost about 60 pounds recently, and went from a KK or LL <seriously, wtf; my mom’s big too, but holy crap! My sis was never over 200 pounds; how do the girls get that big?!?!> to a DD or EE <I honestly can’t remember> The best part about losing weight, for her, wasn’t JUST being skinny again, but being more or less free from the back pain that carrying such bohemoths around caused her.

Of course, that double surgery we always joked about <reduction for her, add it to mine!> is out of the question, but oh well. Seems I’ve GAINEd some of the weight she lost, and now MY boobs are bigger anyway, so…neener! :stuck_out_tongue:

What this thread needs is pictures.

Ducks and runs

My boobs are the last thing to go and my warning that I have reached the “somebody get this bitch a cheeseburger” stage.

I typically stay at DD, but go higher when I’m on the higher end of the scale.

My magic number is 125. Anything lower than that and the girls shrink, even down to C. And it’s not that cute, perky C either. It’s a horrifying, shriveled, “There’s Something About Mary” C.

I have noticed that fat people tend to look the same as they get larger, but just…larger.

My boobs were huge when I was a bit smaller in my teens. Now that I am a larger woman, they are way larger too. But the bust to waist ratio is the same.

I notice this all the time. Flat bootied skinny woman turn into…surprise! flat bootied fat woman. They don’t just all of a sudden develop a big ol’ round rump, unless their skinny self had a round lil’ booty. Or so I have noticed in my own observations.

I think you are right. All of us have area’s that the fat likes to go to when we put weight on. When we lose weight we lose it all over not just in one spot. I have never had a big booty, thin or with a few pounds on. I also have thin arms and legs no matter what. I had an Aunt Irene, God Bless her soul, that looked like Humpty Dumpty. All her weight was in her torso and she had thin arms and legs. I am afraid to ever get fat for fear I will look that way!

Of course it does. Har har. :rolleyes: