How much do guys actually talk about their "junk"? [warning: foul language]

Re: Women talking about men/sex/genitals

None of my group of friends talk about that sort of thing, but I do know there are groups of women who do (heard quite a bit around the lunchroom table at work).

The only sex-related conversation I’ve ever had with women was at a very drunken dinner when we all admitted that we didn’t have sex nearly as often as the national average, despite all being married. It was a very bonding moment!

Too bad it wasn’t a bondage moment…

That’s a very good point, Rube.

I actually brought up the question because the Homicide series and now The Wire (both about Baltimore cops) are based on the the writings of David Simon who was actually a Baltimore cop. So while I realize that while TV shows are all dreamt-up characters and situations, I got it in my mind that The Wire was somewhat based on reality, and Simon’s experiences, so I came to the conclusion that somewhere someone was spending a lot of time talking to David Simon about their cocks.

Also note that the guys in the show aren’t always talking about their size or whatever, just usually off the wall comments like “the commander has my cock tied in a knot over this!” or “if you don’t do this I am going to cut your nuts off and shove them down your throat!”

It just seems like every expletive spoken in a group of men has to do with their junk.

I wonder, though, if the true intent IS to show the vulnerability of the “crime fighters” and the power of the “criminals.” The criminals just don’t seem to spend as much time thinking and talking about their junk.

Although this season (2) the main criminals are a bunch of white guys talking about their cocks all the time. Then again, they seem more out of their league and scared than the drug dealers ever did.

Back in the day when I was a manual laborer, there was a good bit of cock talk amongst the guys, even when our female co-workers were present. Most of it started out by one guy saying something like “how long do you need me to cut that 2x4?” and someone else answering “about 18”- you know, as long as my cock". Then it would devolve into boasts and ludicrous exaggerations about size, length, prowess, volume of ejaculate, etc. It happened frequently.

Now that I’m in a white-collar profession, it never happens. Except when someone asks what size paper we need in the copier, and I answer “8.5” x 14"- you know, about the size of my cock!"*

*not really. It’s only 8.5" x 11".

Has The Wire started a new season already? :confused:

Ditto, almost word for word.

In the white collar jobs I’ve had, the idea of saying “cock” in the office is just completely alien. Even when I was working construction or being a janitor, there wasn’t much of that kind of talk. I was also a volunteer firefighter for several years – you might image a firehouse being akin to a frat house, but my experience, at least, was not like that at all (there was one guy who referred to everything as a “bad motherfucker”, but he never talked about his cock.)

Never …

Close enough to never for me to be nearly comfortable saying never. (I rarely use a definitive.)

This and any sort of discussion of sexual matters could get a person fired at my job (white collar). In fact, at just about any job, even in blue-collar-oriented work, they take sexual harrassment a lot more seriously these days, and such remarks may be construed as such by an overly sensitive worker.

Finally, an appropriate place for the ruberick-

Penis ensues!

Damn, this thread is cold…and deep too.

Never in casual conversation.

I also don’t understand the practice of using the word “junk” to describe something that is clearly NOT junk. “Junk” is an unappealing, nasty word. I think guys who refer to their genitals as “junk” must have some serious love/hate issues with their, uh… junk.

I’ve started watching from Season 1. I am in Season 2 right now. Sorry for the confusion.

No. I hear upon occasion of a group of women saying that they compare graphic details with one another about their men. I have yet to experience anything like that and I hope I never do.

There are Bunco groups, (so I’m told) that act really as times for women to get together and talk about their sex lives. I am eternally grateful that I am not a part of that social scene. I have no idea how true it is. I am starting to wonder about these so called groups of women who talk up sex–seems they’re heard about, but never witnessed…
I can say this holds true for at least my daughter’s friends as well (18 years old)–they refer to sex/making out etc in the most general of terms. They may ask one another pointed questions, but so did we when we were first sexually active.

All I can say is that I do not hear cock talk among the males present in my work place: male CNAs, RNS, MDs, phlebotomists, Respiratory Therapists etc. Nada.

What we need, then, is someone who’s been a male present in a group of all-male cops or all-male stevedores.

Apparently they’re the only ones talking cock :slight_smile:

I have a feeling that the SDMB is the wrong place to be looking for men who blithely talk about their genitals. I don’t think anybody who would readily admit to it hangs out in this kind of place, or is much inclined to do so.

If this is in the context of general vulgarity, then I think my friends and I use terms like ‘cock’ and ‘balls’ a lot.

However, in terms of talking about our actual, as opposed to metaphorical, genitals, then definitely not so much. I know a couple of guys who never miss an opportunity to mention how big their dicks are (with one of whom I went streaking, something that breaks those barriers down a little). I usually try to change the subject at the first available juncture because it’s a more socially awkward version of bringing up, for example, one’s brand new car or academically stellar child at any possible point in a conversation.

I’ve never sat around with a bunch of guys talking about our cocks and I’d be surprised to find myself in such a discussion. At least in the social environment in which I grew up men dont sit around talking about cock and it would be considered a rather odd and eye-brow raising thing to do.

My friends and I are usually aware in broad terms of happenings in each other’s sex lives, and we’ve often discussed various women we are or want to be shagging, or porn, or various sex acts, but cocks dont come up (heh).

I like my cock and all and it makes me happy but its not a topic of discussion around the office or at dinner parties.

When I was in boot camp, there was plenty of cock talk. Other than that, can’t say it comes up outside of some sort of specific context. (For example, if one guy mentions Axe body spray, the other might mention his experiment with penile application of Axe body spray, which, FTR, is a hilarious story that I unfortunately don’t remember the details of.) But in boot camp, sure, we talked about our cocks all the time. What we put on our cocks (cocoa butter, foot powder, etc.), what we liked to do with our cocks at home, what we were going to do with our cocks when we got out, what we wished we were doing with our cocks, threats of doing specific things to other people with our cocks, stories about our cocks, stories about other peoples’ cocks, what we did with our cocks right there when nobody was watching, and how often. It’s a military thing. It probably happens in other fields that men go into to revel in their masculinity, like police work, Secret Service, etc.

We talk about it at least once a day. Usually about how massively huge it is and how often it was inside someone’s mother.