How much do guys actually talk about their "junk"? [warning: foul language]

…in the company of other men, that is.

I’ve been watching the HBO show The Wire recently, and one thing I’ve noticed about the dialogue - other than the massive amount of swearing - is that when the scene involves a cast of all-male characters there is an incredible amount of talking about cocks.

When the cops get together in their dingy little side-room, it’s cock talk time. When they’re at the bar, cock talk. When they are with their superiors in the office or even in a meeting, cock talk.

When the stevedore guys are at work on the docks, or at the bar, or in a union meeting - all cock talk.

Lengths of cocks, things one can do with one’s cock, ways to mangle one’s cock, how to mess up another man’s cock, getting pussy on one’s cock, etc.

The only group of characters on the show who DON’T seem to talk about their cocks that much is the drug dealers. That group happens to be black and relatively young while the other groups are mostly white and middle aged+.

No matter how much of “one of the guys” I am, I still will never be able to be in a room with no women around, as I am a woman myself.

So how much men actually talk about their cocks when not in the presence of a woman will remain a mystery to me - unless you Doper guys reveal all.

I have no recollection of ever talking about my cock with another man other than during or in the events running up to sex.

For me, in the company of other men, if you’ll pardon the expression, it’s never come up.

I don’t know anyone who talks about their plumbing, either. Wouldn’t want to, really.

I’m sure it is different in different groups, but for me - practically never. It would make me very uncomfortable. I’m married, most of my friends are married, I assume they have sex and it just not a big topic of discussion other than “can’t talk on the phone now, having sex.”

I’d tell you but THEY might take away my man card…

But seriously, it just does not come up that much, now. Back when I was in the Army however it was a frequent topic of conversation. Lots of silly boasts and comments that nobody took seriously. I bet the answers you get are going to vary by age group, job situation or type, social status and other factors. Short answer, some guys talk about it alot others not so much. But the dick dialog in The Wire did not strike me as all that farfetched based on my experience in the military. A little over the top, but some guys are actually over the top on the subject.

And you were able to say that with your wife glaring death rays at you for answering the phone in the first place? :stuck_out_tongue:

So to speak.

Depends on the guys, to a certain extent. Alaskan crab fishermen likely have different speech habits than MIT professors, for example. An important thing to keep in mind about a show like The Wire, though, is that every line of dialogue is there for a reason. All the cock talk is there to give you a certain way of thinking about the cops. If the writers wanted you to think another way about the cops, they would talk about their kids, or sports, or what have you, which are also things that guys talk about, depending on the circumstances.

I’d much preferred to talk about it with interested girlfriends, not with other men.

Never. Maybe in my younger years there was a little joking and/or bragging, but I’d bet I haven’t talked to a man about it in the past 20 years. Doctors occasionally I suppose, who I also talk to about other body parts.

I never talk about sex to other guys, either. Relationships on rare occasion, but not sex.

Sorry to explode the myth.

Never. Sorry to be so dull.

I like to think of it as semi-unconscious wish fulfillment on the part of overwhelmingly anxiety-ridden-white-male Hollywood writers/directors/producers.

Actually I like to think about all depictions of human sexuality as semi-unconscious wish fulfillment on the part of Hollywood. If one quarter of what they show is as widespread in life as in TV and the movies, we are a deeply, widely fucked-up culture, and an unimaginative one at that.

The guys I hung out with in grad school would make a lot of cock jokes, but not to the point where I felt like they were obsessed with the topic. (One of my friends liked to say how his cock was so small he could have sex with a Cheerio.)

I do remember one particular night where I was the only girl there with maybe about five other guys. (Somehow I got suckered into playing strip poker with them and it ended with my taking off my bra … but that’s another story.) Anyway, the conversation turned to cock talk - I think it started with one of my friends telling the story of how he refused to go down on a girl one night and she ended up bursting into tears and calling her mother. The talk drifted to cock size and averages and what side it hung on and with all that cock talk I got so turned on I started stripping in front of all the guys and everything ended in a mass orgy.

Or it would have, if it had been a porn movie. :stuck_out_tongue: Honestly I can’t remember how the conversation ended, because at some point I zoned out. I obviously could not participate in the conversation and the guys were talking like I wasn’t even there. :dubious:

A lot lot less than women talk about their boobs or their butts.

For most mean I know, and certainly for myself, the answer is not at all.

My guess is its more common among those who are bicurious but trying to mask it under the guise of macho talk.

I suppose the subject of male genitals has come up among my group of friends from time to time, mostly in the form of jokes. But not often – honestly, what is there to talk about?

Edited to add: Another thing you see in movies and TV is men chatting while using urinals. This has never happened to me that I can remember, and it would make me very uncomfortable if it did.

It’s interesting that the general perception is that men are pigs and women are pristene prudes. My understanding is that women talk to each other about sex all the time. Is that true? Never having been privy to one of those conversations, I wouldn’t know. Is it possible that all of my exes’ girlfriends know as much about my penis as I do?

“So Hal, tell me. You got a penis? Alright, dude. Me too. How many balls you got? Two? Wow, you are not going to believe this, but…”

That’s about it.

Ditto Otto.