Dirty Talk- Yay or Nay?

As for me, 41 and female, I do find the dirty talk appealing up to a point. The thing with talking dirty is that it’s so easy to say something stupid or offensive or just outright weird. Remember that Seinfeld where Jerry was seeing a girl who was into dirty talk and he was weirded out but really tried to get into it, but then he asked her if she was wearing the panties her mother put out for her, and she freaked out? It’s that easy! But done in the right way by the right person, it can definitely be sexy.

I’m not a sexy talker- I’m too self-conscious and would undoubtedly come up with something that could deflate even the hardest boner, would have us both laughing, and/or would have him running for the door whilst putting his pants on. I am strictly a listener.

You? Are you a dirty talker and listener, and just one or the other, or none? Are you male or female, and older or younger?

I’m not, but want to thank you for clarifying that Seinfeld episode. I have watched it and always wondered what it meant.

You left out the “other” option.

To me it’s less talking dirty that I find appealing than just hearing some sort of expression that the other involved party is enjoying themselves. A little something passed heavy breathing and moaning is nice. Nothing over the top and super dramatic like “OMG fuck me hard like the bad boy you are.” (or whatever, damn it).

I just want to hear that she’s enjoying herself is all. That makes me slightly hypocritical because I’m very quiet but I realize there is a certain amount of give and take to be expected.

Hey, if you’re gonna ***do ***dirty, why not ***talk ***it?

You would want “other”, now wouldn’t you?

I think talking is a LOT different than moaning and other noises. I’m quite willing to be noisy, not so much with the talking. And yes you could be a bit more expressive or at least that’s the word on the street. :smiley:

No worries, I chose the hypocritical second from bottom option. I don’t like to, but I like to hear it. Mostly. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I’m not saying pull a Seinfeld and get crazy and weird. Just saying that I prefer whisperings, if the ear is close enough, of the girl’s level of enjoyment and such.

Sounds like my sexual misadventures are becoming the stuff of legend. In a good way of course. :cool:

No talk at all. That way I can still hear Letterman give his monologue.

Alice, I thought all Canadians liked it quiet so they could still hear the hockey game.

I don’t know from Canadians- I’ve only ever visited, and it was only a couple of times when I was young, no dirty talk either time, I swear!

Dirty: no; far from being erotic, it conjures up images of 4th grade boys with a bad case of potty mouth.

Naughty: yeah

If I and my significant other aren’t in the same room/city/state or whatever I think it’s fun to talk about what we are gonna do when I/she get’s back.

It’s not really “dirty talk” per se…but it’s fun for me.

It’s great either way as an occasional thing, kinda like sex toys for me. If it was a regular or required part of my sex life I’d start questioning the relationship.

Yeah, I don’t want all that chit chat interruptin’ my stories.

I voted for option one… although my fiance is a quiet one. But sometimes I can get a little dirty talking. Ah, for him to get crazy buck wild and just go nuts…

No. I find it infantile and distracting.

You left out take or leave it.

Not really my thing but if that’s what the [del]Lady[/del] dirty little bitch wants; then I aim to please.

I said ‘no’ and ‘no’

It seems more like an adolescent who doesn’t know how to act appropriately. It just seems disrespectful.

No, no no

I don’t consider what my wife and I to be “dirty.” Ditto anything I did with sexual partners prior to meeting my wife-to-be.

I don’t do “dirty” so why should I talk it?

I don’t do it but wouldn’t mind hearing my partner do it, but it’s not something that ever actually occurs to me unless someone asks if I’d like it.

I had a girlfriend once who, in the midst of an energetic session of Hide The Salami, whispered in my ear “talk nasty”. “Whuh?” I replied. “I want to hear you talk nasty.”

Well, it threw off my whole game. I didn’t know what to say, how nasty to be, whether I should just be all “ohhh, you’re so hot, it feel so good inside you…” sort of thing, or to be really, well, nasty. So I amped it up a bit to “nasty” and at one point she just sort of slowed down her thrusting and furrowed her brow at me.

That was the last time I ever tried it. We broke up soon after.